Monday, July 15, 2013


We received a visit from Nana and Pawpaw in late May. My girls LOVE to have company and they love it even more when said company is any of their grandparents. Once we knew they were close, we told the girls and they eagerly awaited their arrival perched at the window. 
 After they were done squealing "they're here", they went bolting out the door for hello hugs. There's just not much sweeter if you ask me. 
 I'm sure Pawpaw wanted nothing more than two big bear hugs from little girls in their Cinderella night gowns after driving for hours!
 I feel genuinely blessed in that I have what I feel, is a good relationship with my in-laws. I see them as a second set of parents and I'm grateful for them...for their wisdom, their kindness, their unconditional love and last but certainly not least, for their desire to be the best Nana and Pawpaw they can be to my three babies. They are ALWAYS willing to help out with the kids when I need it and it's not out of obligation, it's because they are eager to spend time with them - I'm well aware of what an incredible gift to our family that is. 
~Just hangin' out with Nana~
 Unfortunately, "Dad" Taylor is usually only in for quick visits as duty always calls...there aren't too many off days when you're a pastor. Mom, on the other hand is fortunate in that her schedule allows some flexibility and because of that she stayed behind a bit longer and she and I rode together back to WV because I stayed over on my way to PA to see Chelsea. I stayed in WV a bit so I could see Grandma and Great Aunt Kathryn while I was there.

 Again, despite the fact that she is not my Grandma - I love her as if she were. Grandma can't hear very well but the good thing is - no hearing is necessary when the kids are there: she just smiles and smiles because they bring her joy by just being. Watching my kids bring her joy brings me joy unspeakable and I was thankful to have had some time with her and of course the opportunity to snap some photos/memories as well. 
I love these pictures of Grandma with Grey - he carries her late husbands name so there's definitely a special bond there. 
 The fact that they are ALL looking in the general direction of the camera (AMAZING)!
 Great Aunt Kathryn is Grandma's sister and she is nearby in an assisted living facility. Kathryn also doesn't hear to well but it's the same as with Grandma - Kathryn loves my kiddos. She held Grey almost the entire time we were there. For some reason she calls Grey "Thomas"...always has and no one really knows why but he doesn't care and neither do I - she loves Thomas!  The facility was having a Memorial Day celebration so we were able to have lunch with her out in the common area with all of the other residents. They had a moment of recognition for all of the residents who had been in the armed forces and it was so cool to hear what each of them had done and what wars they had defended our country in. It was just neat to look around and give them that moment of gratitude. 

 Right after having lunch, the kids and I hit the road to Pennsylvania to visit Chelsea and her family. I was a tad nervous about traveling with all the kids by myself but in the end they did wonderfully and although the trip was long, we made it without any major issues. 

I had to do a little digging to find this picture but really wanted to include it. Chelsea gave me these three little shirts for the kids when I was pregnant with Greyson. This was taken in July 2012. Look at my pudgy little baby Avery :).

 I figured there was no better time for them to wear their shirts than when we were going to see her - thing 3 could now wear his shirt =). This picture was taken right after we pulled up to Chelsea's - obviously they were still in good spirits...either that or on an official Chelsea "high". 

If ever I've gone overboard in photographing - it would be during my trip to PA. It was so stunningly beautiful everywhere I looked and we had such an amazing time while we were there that I couldn't help myself. All of that to say - I've got major photos to share and major blogging to do. One day I'll wrap up May. One day.


  1. Love all the sweet grandparent moments and your adorable little "things". Looking forward to your PA pics!

  2. I wonder if Grey looks like someone named Thomas that Aunt Kathryn knew? That's funny that she calls him that, but very sweet....and something you will always remember! I love the pictures of Grandma and Aunt K holding sweet Grey...what joy he must bring to them. And I love the "before" and "after" pics of your Things! HA! Sweet babies!!!