Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PA Part III: So, So pretty!

I should start this post by saying that the Rearicks home is absolutely gorgeous - I mean, seriously: look at this:
 It sits up on a hill and all around it is just so pretty - there's the cow pasture on one side, there's a hay field on one side and then there's their big yard with garden on one side - I just think it's beautiful! Maybe, one day when I grow up I'll have a home just like it =). 

Everything was so lush and so green while we were there and I wanted to capture it somehow, so after church on Sunday I attempted to get some pictures of the girls in the hay field. Although I love the pictures and they are pretty, I don't think they came close to capturing how beautiful it was when we were there. 

Am I the only one who thinks hay fields are stunning? 

After church, while Avery napped, Chelsea took Kennedy and I for a four wheeler ride around the farm. 
 After our four wheeler ride, Kennedy and Chelsea went to go and get her Grandpas gator so we could take everyone fishing after Avery's nap (this crew clearly won't fit on a four wheeler). 
 Mickey looks totally natural in a gator, right? 
Before we went fishing, Chelsea showed us some of her favorite spots on and around the farm and you better believe I had my camera ready! These pictures were taken up high on a hill - in Chelsea's most favorite can clearly see why:

 I love this picture because Kennedy is just lovin' on Grey. I can't recall what I was looking at but it clearly caused me to be a bit wobbly because after this picture 
 came the next lovely little gem and I'm oh so grateful that Chels captured it for your viewing pleasure. No children were harmed during this fall.

 Again - you can see why it's a favorite spot.
Next up - our fishing adventure! 

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  1. Beautiful!! Makes me want to go stay in the middle of nowhere!