Sunday, September 1, 2013

Birthday Boy

Grey's birthday was on a Monday and let's just all agree that weekday birthdays kinda stink because you can't just all out celebrate due to weekday responsibilities. We dropped big sister off at school that morning as usual and then proceeded with our daily routine: we went to the gym, did lunch, had naps, etc. After we picked K up from school we went to the store and bought him a birthday balloon and some cake ingredients to whip him up a little smash cake for after supper. I tried really hard to get some pictures of him with his birthday balloon and in his Birthday Boy shirt, but again - the best laid plans:
 He preferred take his solo presence on the bed  as an opportunity to jump and squeal uncontrollably. 

 I am glad that although the "bottom bouncing" didn't make for great photos - he had a blast doing it. 

 I think Grey's sisters were more excited to see what he would do with his cake than anything. This cake looks huge, but it really was a little smash cake - I promise!
 So, like, this entire thing is mine? 
 Are you kidding me?!?!? Best.Day.Ever!
 Now, where to start: 
 ooooooooohhhhh, that's good stuff:
 He was a fan of his smash cake and ate more than I figured he would, but his family helped him with what was left ;). 
We scheduled his birthday party for a couple of weekends after his actual birthday, so next up is the beach blogging, but his birthday party and one year check up stats will follow. I officially have an almost 6 year old, a 2 year old and a one year old people!


  1. Oh so cute! Glad he enjoyed his cake!! And balloon! So is that is bigboy-bed-to-be? 'Cause that's hos monogram on the pillows right?

  2. Glad he's got a sweet tooth too. I still crack up when I think about Kennedy and the M&M's story. :)
    Happy (belated) Birthday to your little man!