Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Grey's 1 year well and some old school fun

Grey's one year well check up was scheduled on his birthday and I was so excited to see how much he'd grown (I'm tellin' y'all - this boy eats a TON) since our last visit. Well, I pull up in the parking lot and get him in the stroller and lug he and Avery in with all their garb (after working out and showering at the gym) only to realize that the doctor wasn't in that day. Apparently the receptionists had been trying to call me - ON MY OLD CELL PHONE to reschedule my appointment! Ugh! As it turns out, when you change your number with a hospital group it doesn't change across the entire system and now I know. 

So, Grey's well check was a couple of weeks behind schedule and despite an insanely long wait due to some unexpected patient procedure in the appointment prior to ours, he did pretty good and kept himself entertained in the exam room: 
I now have pictures of each of my children ripping up exam room paper at their first year well check. Clearly ripping up table paper is big fun. 
Big boy was standing and pulling up but not walking yet. 

Grey weighs almost 19.5 lbs which lands my tiny peanut in the 4th percentile for weight and he is 28.5 inches long which lands him in the 10th percentile for height (no shock there). He is a compact little booger, but he is clearly healthy as he eats non-stop and has a nice little soft covering of baby blubber. So...moral of the story: there are lots of big one year old babies out there - ha! 
My poor baby had to get 4 shots at his appointment and he handled them like a total trooper. Here are some pictures of his "war wounds". 

The next day, Daddy took the girls to the pool and then afterwards we broke out this nice little gem that I got on clearance at Target. 
This right here is what you call $4 fun. After lots of failed attempts and lots of Mommy explanations, Kennedy did finally get the hang of how to properly use a slip-n-slide. 
Avery: not so much. 
exhibit A
and B...she beats to her own drum folks, what can I say?
He just tried to catch all the sprays of water - the epitome of going with the flow this one is. 
For whatever reason, Avery and Kennedy both took great joy in trying to "drink" the slip-n-slide sprays. Whatever floats your boat is what I figured. 
Starting to catch on - yes!
After he got bit by an ant in the face he was d-o-n-e participating in the slip-n-slide fun. 
I loved using a slip-n-slide when I was a kid and I was happy they seemed to enjoy it so much too. Fun times. 


  1. Looks like fun all around. Love those little munchkins and love a slip 'n slide!

  2. just so you know, my rip the paper at the dr office too. Olivia is the worst and will then try to eat it! Olivia loves eating paper as a matter of fact. if there is paper in sight she will reach for it and will put it straight in the mouth if she gets it.
    Grey is getting so big and just seems so happy all the time and just seems like a delight! love that little smile!

    1. Ha, that first sentence was supposed to be: "my children rip the paper"