Thursday, September 26, 2013


On September 7th, we celebrated Declan's 2nd birthday at his Curious George party. 
 Melissa did a really great job with the party and most of her stuff was from PBS (which is code for FREE). 
 Of course Kennedy was a big fan of the coloring table - she's my little artist. 

 Melissa and I often joke that Declan and Avery are going to be partners in crime when they get older and I foresee a similar future for these two. Ellie had the biggest grin every time Grey went over to her exersaucer to play. Melts me! 
 Is there anything more attractive than your man loving on and or playing with your kids? I think not (except for if he were simultaneously vacuuming) and therefore I kind of heart this photo. 
 After Grey polished off three hot dogs, he then happily plowed through what appeared to be THE BEST CUPCAKE EVERRRRR!
 I hear ya brother, if I could get away with cramming my sweets like that - I totally would but it wouldn't be as cute. 

 Avery was a fan of Auntie Melissa's cupcakes as well. Note to self: when your kid requests blue of anything - just say "no". 
 One of my most favorite moments of the little mans party was when he unwrapped this puppy. I wish so very much that I could have captures his utter awe and fascination better because it was too adorable to sum up for y'all. Oh my word, his little face just lit up with wonder and excitement and just "do you see this totally awesome firetruck I just got?" kind of expression - LOVED IT! 
 Because my sister lives so very close to the mall and I knew I'd be able to rope her in to watching the "littles", we took advantage of that timing and proximity and headed to Claire's after Declan's party: ear piercing time! 

Although there was some minor anxiety: "will it hurt, how long does it take" etc. etc. she was a total champ and was ready. Here she is before with her perfect little lobes:)
 Next were the carefully placed target marks: 
Then it was "go time". She had her take some deep breaths and she held my hand and there was nary a tear - there was the welling up of some tears, but none actually escaped out and then the reward: 
 She was so excited and couldn't wait to show off her new bling. The earrings are super cute and they should be because y'all - it is not cheap to have your ears pierced. I don't know what I was expecting, price-wise but I was not expecting what I paid (lets just leave it at that. Basically you are kind of peer pressured in to your selection because there are basically two categories of earrings - those that are "highly reactive" and those that aren't. If you want the non-reactive earrings lets just say you're not leaving without spending >$50. Yep, you read that right. Yikes! 
Silver lining: the look on her face when she looked in the mirror afterwards - PRICELESS! Her look of confidence and happiness made the expenditure completely worth while. Happy Birthday big girl! 


  1. Wow! What a big girl! I remember that day well and I was so proud to show my ears felt like they we glowing! (They probably were!)
    And three hotdogs! Dang! Go Grey! And Avery's mouth is special ;) we know allll about blue...!

  2. So cute! I had no clue it was that expensive!! I just can't believe how old K is!! Love the cupcake pics. Precious!

  3. I'm still in denial that she's even lost a tooth...I'm not sure when I'll be able to start processing kindergarten... let alone ear piercing.