Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Litchfield Finale

On our last evening at the beach, we went out for supper at a little place in Murrells Inlet called Bubba's Love Shak. The place was just a little old joint on the inlet but it was yummy and the scenery was wonderful. The company? Even better! 

Ellie wore her best beach attire: 
 There were a lot of restaurants on the inlet and there was a big boardwalk connecting them all and then it led out to a pier. There was quite a bit of activity with boats and people meandering by so Honey kept the kids entertained while we waited for our food. Avery was insistent that she ride a boat, but unfortunately her insistence didn't earn her a ride ;). 
 She was just bending Honey's ear about that boat ride - where it would go and what she would need and you know, just doing what Avery does best: TALK! I mean, I don't know where she gets it! =)

 I noticed shortly after we sat down on the deck of the restaurant that there were goats on the island across the channel. GOATS....on an island?!?!? Apparently some dude drops them off on the island every summer and they keep the foliage down/maintained. No one really seemed to have the full story, but they were obviously thriving on their island so whatever. 
 There were a couple of peacocks on goat island too - oh the randomness of a coastal town. Doesn't every coastal town have a little peculiarity? Seems so to me....

 After dinner we walked to the end of the pier. 
 So pretty - all I needed was a rocking chair and lots of time. 
 And this is the beginning of our little family photo shoot:

 Looking back through these pictures has given me joy unspeakable - how blessed we are!

 Do you ever just stare at your kids - their freckles, their eyelashes, their hairline, their smile: just soaking in the magnificence of what you and your husband somehow created? This was one of those moments for me - she's so beautiful and she's growing up so fast. I want to remember these moments - the awkward teeth and just innocence of this age - I love her so very much and she is so stunningly beautiful to me.


 The D man was pretty much OVER the picture thing, but I did try to get some of he and his sweet baby sister. We got a few:

 Oh Kevin - there are no words for this wonderful photo I now have to share with the world. Love you brother! 

 I tried my hardest to get a sweet sister picture of these too, but it was a challenge. If only there was a way to explain to them that no matter how they aggravate each other now - they will be lifelong best friends - the best friends, in fact, that each other will EVER have. Although Maggie was leaning away, it turned out cute. 
 Their dynamic is completely opposite of what the dynamic was between Melissa and I. I wanted to be around Melissa but she didn't have time for me. Catherine is goofy and fun loving and just free for all whatever but Mags is more reserved, thoughtful and cautious. They are both the best cousins ever and they are so, so sweet to my kids....just not to one another at all times ;). I'm sure my time with this is coming faster than I know. 
 Until then, I'm glad to have these pictures because in 10 years when they are as close as their mother and I and my other two sisters are: they will cherish these. Mark.My.Words.
 After my family photography duties (which I love by the way) were over, I retired the camera to it's bag but my husband (go Tim!) dug it out and captured some pretty sweet pictures on our walk back to the car. Love these so much.
 This little boy.....
 .....has captured my heart in a mighty way!
We've already begun discussions about our beach trip for next year and thankfully everyone is going to be there which will certainly feel more complete and whole (we were missing a big part of our crew this year) and I'm looking forward to it. 


  1. Oh sister. Literally tears in my eyes thinking that I wasted so many years being "too cool" for you. For what it's worth, I'm immensely grateful you're here now, make time for me and my family and that we get to hang out more. I'm also extremely in awe of the woman/mommy you've become. Sorry I was so late to the sister love party. :)

    1. Well, your comment brought tears to mine! I'm just thankful we're "in recovery" (ha!) and those days are LONG GONE. Thankful that we're closer than we ever could've imagined!

    2. I was crying before but now reading these comments has caused the tears to really blur what I am trying to type. And my nose is running. What a GORGEOUS family you all have. I love these pictures and, while I am not part of this family, they make me yearn for some "family" time with you all! And, Lindsy, yes. I do look in awe at each little detail of my children and cannot believe the miracle of creation. And I wonder daily, when I see these small miracles that I have been entrusted with, how one cannot believe in God?! It is just so remarkable how it all happens and what a blessing these children are. And, yes, Kennedy is stunningly beautiful. What a pretty little girl. All of the children are gorgeous.... And I think you need enlarge the last picture of Maggie and Catherine where they are both facing the camera. THIS PICTURE IS AWESOME. Free and innocent smiles on pre-teen/teen girls are beautiful.

  2. Well, I was in tears too by the end of the post! Your oldest baby is indeed beautiful! love that kid and am so happy I got to watch her grow for just a few months! Your other two are also very beautiful. You and Tim make pretty babies! You are so talented at the picture taking! I love it! My final thought, which was actually my first thought when glancing over pictures was that your family photo was the best I have seen. Everyone was looking and smiling! Yay!!!!!

  3. Such a sweet post. Makes me so wish I had a sister! Your sweet words made me cry. Love the family pictures!!