Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Beach Day 3

Because Grey wasn't such a big fan of the sand, I thought sticking him in this boat with toys was a brilliant idea and it was for about 5 minutes - ha! 

 This was our best day (weather-wise) at the beach and everyone got to be out for a while that day. Here's Team Wall: 
 Love these pics of Tim playing in the surf with the girls:

 Tim's not such a fan of this picture, but hi - can we say money shot with the pelicans?!?
 Avery loves her Daddy!
 I'm not sure what is in his bucket, but this is such a cute picture, I'm posting it anyway:
 There was full court family press to get Grey to like the beach, but it wasn't until the last part of this particular day that I thought he might be getting into it. Better luck next year!
 Love this picture of Team Vaughan. Hard to believe my nieces are both in middle school!
 Fun in the water!

 This picture makes me smile because these two are So.Much.Alike it's crazy. I believe they were looking at the sharks in this pic - a tad scary but I chose to not think about it. 
 Big Jim doesn't come down to the beach very much so I'm glad I snapped this moment. 
 Can you see the little smile - he was starting to be ok with the water?
 I love that my sister and I have finally been blessed with babes who will sleep wherever - sweet, sweet sleeping baby!


  1. I love this post and it makes me excited to get our family down to the beach! It also gives me ideas for what to try with Finn! And picture ideas! You got some great pics!

  2. Looks like you all had so much fun! Makes me want to be there!