Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My baby is 6

How did that happen? No, really: how.did.that.happen? Six! My first baby is officially a 6 year old and it just seems crazy to me. She is a 6 year old and a kindergartner. Madness! For months Kennedy has been developing her birthday plan. No joke - MONTHS! I think weekly I was answering the question: "so, when is it going to be my birthday again Momma?" Needless to say, although I had my work cut out for me I was happy when her birthday finally arrived so we could move on with things if you know what I'm sayin'. 

The first part of Kennedy's celebration (oh yeah - there's parts, so get comfy) was her "school party". Thankfully, Kennedy's teachers make quite the fuss over birthdays and she was really looking forward to being fussed over. Birthday kids get a crown/sash for their birthday and they get a special birthday book made for them from their classmates. Parents are allowed to send in birthday treats (home made or store bought) and are also allowed to come in and read to the class. Well - y'all know I was home makin' something for sure and I was all about the opportunity to go in and read to the class too. We tried to chose our treat based on our book selection and at first she wanted to me to read Pinkalicious and make pinkalicious cupcakes. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Pinkalicious, but I kind of figured that might be a repeat theme so I tried to suggest to her we pick something else and we decided on a book called Dinosaurs for Dessert. Kennedy loves this book, she loves Dinosaur Oatmeal for breakfast and I could totally envision cute little dinosaur cookies for her birthday treat offering. Let the fun begin: 

 She loves Quaker Dinosaur Oatmeal so very much, that we decided we'd share a packet with her friends, so here she is painting little treat bags for the oatmeal. 
 This girl loves all things crafty - she's after my own heart :)

 The night before her "school party" we made and iced the cookies. Unfortunately, sugar cookies are really just plain ole' sugar cookies but if you really want them to look like something, you've got to ice them. I found a pretty easy royal icing recipe and we went to town. ps: if anyone needs a good sugar cookie recipe - I've got one!
 I piped on the icing and Kennedy put on the eye balls - ha!
 Oh my word -  I loved them so very much that I hated for them to be eaten but I knew the kids would love them and I'm happy to report they did! 

 My taste tester gave me a thumbs up. 
 Jennifer was nice enough to keep my two little babes so I could just go and focus on Kennedy and be able to read the book to she and her friends. She was so excited! All of the kids listened well to the story and were most excited about trying out her cookies. 
 Overall I would say it was a big success and I was so happy I got to hang out with her in the classroom a little bit. 
Part two of the birthday celebration will be in the next post. I'll give you a little teaser: she's been telling us for months that all she wants for her 6th birthday is #1  a kitten (bless her heart - NOT GOING TO HAPPEN) #2 to get her ears pierced and #3 to ride a horse. I mean, that's all people. Psssht - she might as well have asked for a pony........or so I thought. Stay tuned! 


  1. What a fun school day! Of course you made adorable cookies. YUM!

  2. Oh she will NEVER forget that school party and that you were there. Go Momma! And the cookies look perfect!!