Monday, September 30, 2013

Giddy Up

As I already shared, Kennedy really wanted to ride a horse for her birthday. When she initially came to me with her request, I really didn't think we'd be able to "make it happen" if you will. I was thinking we'd do a trail ride somewhere or something like that, but when I started researching farms in our area I wasn't coming up with much. There are lots of local farms that will charge you out the wazoo to have a horse themed birthday party on their premises but that really wasn't what I was going for. Just about when I was about to throw in the towel I found a local farm called Chestnut Lane Stables and lo and behold they had coupons on their website for a free first time riding lesson: {insert hallelujah chorus here}. 

So, on the Saturday of Declans birthday party, after Kennedy got her ears pierced - she got her 2nd birthday wish. She got to ride a horse. 

What is better than getting your birthday wish? Doing so with your BFF! 
Up she goes. 
This horse was old, slow and super sweet. Did I mention she was old? She was old! 

Girlfriend rocked a permagrin the ENTIRE time she was on that horse. 


The riding instructor was so incredibly nice - she spent one on one time with each girl and really taught them about how you act around a horse, what type of posture is important, how to give them appropriate commands, etc. 

Becca's turn:

The big horse-riders! 
Before the trainer put the horse away she offered to walk Avery around for a minute and I thought Avery would be all about it. We get Avery on the horse and start getting the saddle adjusted and what not and the horse makes one tiny movement and Avery freaks out and starts crying and I couldn't get her to recover. She kept saying she wasn't big enough but when she was a "big girl like Kennedy she would be able to ride". Too funny!
Before we left, we walked through the barn looking at all the horses - there were some beautiful horses and the girls loved it. 

We had a great experience with that farm and Kennedy had an amazing time. I've no doubt she'll remember that lesson for a LONG time. I'm planning to send the trainer some of these pictures with a thank you note because hello - it was all free and it was AWESOME.


  1. What an amazing birthday!! I'm so glad you were able to make it happen. And how awesome that it was free!! It looks like she had so much fun! Precious. Love the friend pics holding hands.

  2. WAY TO GO MOMMY!!! What a great birthday she will NEVER forget!!!!