Monday, September 2, 2013

Litchfield Beach

This year our annual beach trip was to Litchfield Beach in South Carolina. We've now vacationed at Folly, Edisto, Ocean Isle, Tybee Island, Myrtle & now Litchfield. I don't know if I can pinpoint a favorite necessarily because they all have their own pros and cons, but I will say the water at Litchfield this year was awesome - super clear for a SC beach and we saw tons of wildlife which of course I loved. 

Rather than staying in a huge house like usual (hi, it has to be huge with this growing family) we opted for a resort because we were minus some folks this year #1, and #2, we wanted easy access to not only the beach, but a pool too (due to the little people). We stayed at Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort to be specific and though it wasn't bad, I wouldn't go back and or recommend it necessarily. In my opinion, the word resort denotes some essence of luxury of which this place had NONE of. More specifically, my main issues were that the fitness center was pitiful and the maps of the resort were awful which is kind of a big deal when you are in a sea of condos and don't know which was is up or down, you know? The condos that we had (our family took up two) were nice and clean and we had everything we needed and the beach was beautiful, but I've got nothin' else really to "write home about" as my Mom would say. 

Now, for some pictures! 

Headed out on day 1!

 Unfortunately our first day at the beach was super windy and actually a tad chilly - as in, most of us left our cover ups on. This day was a prime example of child hood at it's best - the kids didn't give a WHAT, WHAT that it was fah fah fah freezing and just played their little hearts out. 
 Grey's first beach exposure: he wasn't such a fan sadly. 
 See what I mean by playing their hearts out? Even the big kids ;)

 We clearly had a storm a' brewin': 
 Ellie and her belly (pun intended) made a brief appearance: 
 Once we got back to the condo we ate lunch and got cleaned up and then decided to take a walk, but once we got downstairs to head out, a downpour came. Team Taylor decided to take advantage of the under porch swing, but that only kept the girls attention briefly before this started happening: 
 There was a day when this would have really been outside of my OCD comfort zone, but I'm proud to say those days are behind me. I figured they made some awesome lemonade out of their "lemons" and had a BLAST doing so. 
 The girls squeals of delight started drawing others outside of the dry condo - first down was Declan and he was instantaneously "in" for this romp in the rain! 
 Even Greyson wanted in on the fun:
 Oh Catherine - you can take the tween out of the kid,...........
love this girl and her heart for my babies - best.cousin.ever.

 We dried off and got cleaned up again and after dinner tried once more to get that walk in. We went down to the little resort marsh and dock area: 

 Crab sighting!
 There were crabs all along the marsh, but those suckers are super fast. We tried to see some before they walked sideways back into their little tunnels, but we didn't ever really get a good look. 
 Oh these two - they couldn't understand why they couldn't play in the water like they had earlier: 

I've talked before about how much I adore my kids relationships with each other and in at a close 2nd are their relationships with their cousins - I just love it. 
much more to come

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