Sunday, October 24, 2010

Half Way

We have reached the half-way point my friends! 20 weeks. It's hard to believe that but it makes me happy because those 20 weeks flew by and if the next 20 fly by as fast I will be meeting my little one face to face before I know it. My ultrasound is this Thursday and my mother in law will be in town to go with Tim and I. The OB office where I am a patient has a viewing room with couches and a flat screen TV where people can be a part of your ultrasound. She is the first person that came to mind when they told me about it so I am glad she'll be able to join us.

Since I am what people like to call "camera happy", bribing my daughter is a necessity if I want her to be still and smile. I figured since the sucker aka treat aka bribing tool was going to be rewarded following my 20 week picture...I might as well get while the gettin' was good.......

I've been wanting to post about Abby's baby shower and just haven't been able to until now. You know...parties/celebrations of any kind (baby showers, wedding showers, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, etc.) are hard work. In my opinion, satisfaction and success after such hard work = a smiling guest of honor, appropriate and lovely simply stated event decor, yummy food, and guests who are genuinely enjoying themselves. Using those units of measurement - this shower was an absolute success!

Billie saw this wreath design on Etsy and duplicated it for the entry way door.
Can you say crafty?
I was busy pre-shower doing all sorts of die cutting on the Cricut. Here is the banner I made.
Out of lots of designs for "diaper cupcakes", Billie and I thought these were the cutest so we spent a Saturday getting them just right with our own little spin - aren't they cute?
And of course everyone needs a little candy with their cupcakes so we added the bookend glasses with M&M's and Starbursts in all pink because...why not?
More Cricutey goodness amidst tons of wonderful gifts from people who were eager to shower Abby and Adalyn with love!
Billie is solely responsible for the ceiling poms - didn't they turn out so pretty? We all came together with dishes for the food spread and what a spread it was. Yum!

Despite our hard work on decor, I am fairly certain this little doll was the primo decor - even color coordinating? She was the BEST little baby I've ever been around. I told the Lord I wouldn't mind at all if my next had her little temperament. Her name was Izzy. Doesn't it just suit her. Precious!
While Abby opened her gifts, I stole some time with sweet Keagan. And this my friends, is what we women in my family refer to as........
THE SLEEP WHAMMY! I put it on him and loved every minute of it. =)
Group Photo
The man of the hour...the only testosterone in a room full of women. What a stud!

The shower really was fun and Abby got a lot of really nice and special gifts and books. She had a great turn out of women there to love on her and I am glad Billie and I were able to do it for her. She's ready to go in the baby "stuff" department and thank goodness because she's mere weeks away from meeting Adalyn! So exciting.

I was so thankful that Janine got to come in if only for a day because I got a lot of QT with she and Keagan. I miss them so much so it was just nice that they stayed here for the evening and we got to hang out. My favorite moment other than the Whammy Moment of course, was
 this one....
We were having a new Bluebell Ice Cream flavor and he wanted in on it dangit. So funny!
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree huh Janine?


  1. heheheeh so funny!! I love that Keagan has my ice cream fetish! Lord help me when he gets his first taste! You look beautiful, by the way, and K's little dress is precious! CANNOT WAIT TO SEE Y'ALL THIS WEEKEND!

  2. You are the cutest pregnant lady ever!!!! And you have the cutest daughter in the whole wide world! I love her little dress. And Keagan...oh my is he so sweet! I wish I could've gotten to KY earlier to meet him.

  3. Halfway!!! How exciting! I can't wait to see ultrasound pics this week! K's little dress is SO cute! The shower was a complete blast! I had such a great time! I still can't make myself take the banner and poms down! They are just too cute:). I may have to get a few of those pics from got different pictures that I got!