Wednesday, September 30, 2015

iphone pictures November 2014

Hence the reason I need a more appropriate filing system. I've just stumbled upon all of these iphone pictures in my February 2015 "dump" that include pictures from November 2014 up until February 2015. {sigh} There's no great way to add them in so I'm just going to regurge them in a quazi-chronological fashion for memory sake. Bare with me. 
 Lots of snuggly baby pictures headed your way :)
 I love a touchdown sleeping pose. Avery is a pro at this pose even at 3 years of age :)
 Cousins! I think this was our applesauce making day but I'm not entirely certain. 
 A visit from Grandaddy

 I love the way he plays with his trains. 

 Again with the invasion of the baby apparatus's. 
 Talk about the fire being delightful! 
 Again with the touch down pose. The best. 

 I mean, #4 is kind of a big deal. Am I right? 
 Sweet dreams.
 This is K's buddy. She's an only. She would rock at this if ever the time comes :).

 These. These were amazing. Dare I say life-changing in my doughnut universe. The ones with the crumbles on top were pistachio and bacon and although that sounds weird I assure you that they were not...they were delicious. These are from a local doughnut place called Your Mom's Doughnuts. They are a farm to table doughnut shop. They use all local ingredients...even right down to their lard and their coffee and cream. The taste shows it because they are amazing! 
 The kids agree with me. 

 Poor thing. He has big sisters. 
 A night out to the movies. This movie was so cute. 
 Rolling 4 deep. Ha ha. 
 He does own his own dress up collection but he never sees it modeled so he doesn't typically goes for these options. 

 Sibling sweetness. 

 I mean, I'm pretty sure he transports himself to the island of sodor. It's adorable. 
That wasn't too bad, right? We are caught up on our November 14 iphone pics! All the people said amen and hallelujah! 

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