Sunday, August 3, 2008

Boo hoo....sniff...sniff

As most of you know, Janine is gone for two weeks. She left on Wednesday and will not return until a week from next Saturday. Agh! That is a long time, right? I keep thinking I miss her at training sessions and then I think "oh well, I'll just call her" but then I remember - I can't. I say I can't because she is not only gone - she is in Jamaica. I miss you Neenie! Come home soon. This is only a preview of what our lives are going to be like once she moves to West Ky for good - OMG I don't even want to think about it. Thankfully once that move happens I can still call her - unlike now.

Anyhow - I ran yesterday in downtown Lexington just to change up the scenery a little bit. Billie was gracious enough to meet me to run and we did about 6 miles give or take. It was flippin' HOT AS HECK! To say we were soaked after our run is an understatement. We had to walk a couple of times but no big deal - it was hot and it was later in the day so walking is totally expectable. Thanks for being my buddy Billie - you are the best.

Today I swam and I did not want to go at all. Who wants to leave the cutest baby ever to go swim? I am a little partial I know but she is pretty precious. I might just throw in a video for your viewing pleasure. Ruth met me there and Susan sent us a workout to do via email. I am totally worn out after that swim. It felt good though - we had to circle in a lane with three others but I got it done. Each swim feels better.

Tomorrow is an off morning for me - YAY. We will most likely workout tomorrow evening at Coldstream for another brick.

This is my baby - she is learning how to shake her groove thing.

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