Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Go Girls!

Let me start by saying it was a heck of a weekend. After our run on Saturday we went to a sale in Lexington at a little chic boutique and got some neat little finds and then Josh, Janine, Tim, and I went to a PARTY to celebrate Elizabeth Banks (a veterinarian who works with me) 30th birthday. We had so much fun - shaking our groove things and proving that girls just wanna have fun. Here is a pic for your viewing pleasure. Yesterday our training practice was cancelled so we decided we would go out on our own. Ambitious, right? It went splendidly. We had some sore muscles but felt great about going it on our own. We biked about 13 miles and ran 3. It was a good time with a good friend with good conversation. Every little step we take we feel more and more ready.


  1. What?! no boys on the dance floor! Surprise, surprise.... looks like you ladies had fun!

  2. Oh, Lordy! And YES, we were the only people on the dance floor 90% of the time...so much fun! :) (the brick was ohsofun too)