Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got...

I'm just, I'm just Jenny from the block. Ha! This blog posting was inspired by my sister Melissa. Turns out J Lo is doing a triathlon and my sister was kind enough to send me the link about it as inspirational material. I can't exactly say that I want to be compared to a woman who has Gunner Peterson as her right hand man in her training process but I can say that we are in the whole post-baby phase/training thing together (although mine is almost a year and hers are like a week old - little sarcasm there). Here is the link if you want to check it out.

Our team did a brick last night out at Coldstream. We did the longest intervals we have done yet and it felt great during but afterwards my legs were a little unhappy with me. Nothing sleep, ibuprofen and biofreeze couldn't fix because I was back up and running this AM. Yay! We ran about 3 miles and biked somewhere around 12 miles (not exact, I'm sure). The weather was nice and it felt good to be back on the bike after a little break for me. Janine is back from her two week break and you would have never known she missed a beat - she kept right up with the rest of us and she even started 2 laps down - rockstar!

We swam on Sunday and did a 400 meter straight so we are half way there. This week we will be timed on our 400 meter swim so that we have estimated swim times for our event in October. Swimmers will be released in timed heats so our 400 time will determine what heat we will be released in. Luckily I don't have high expectations - I know I will be in the SLOW heat - at least I will finsih, right? Janine and I are both a little nervous about being timed but at least we know we can swim it without stopping - we have come a long way.

Until next time....

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