Saturday, August 23, 2008

A good day for a run

Today was the Bryce Riley Memorial Run out at RJ Corman and it went well. Billie, Janine and I all had good runs. Janine ran her personal best time! Go Janine. They had an excellent turn out and the weather was good. All in all - it was just a good day for a run with good friends and on top of that - a GREAT cause. I got to see Norm - an old running buddy of mine and that was nice because I haven't seen him in forever.

Thursday at swim we had our 800 meter swim timed. I was a little nervous because frankly - I wasn't sure if I could swim 800 straight or not but I did it. I was so happy when that swim was over I could have kissed my whole tnt team and then thrown the swim coach in the pool after hugging all the air out of her. Good think I didn't do any of that - but I could have. So - I can swim 800 which means I am ready for that portion of the event. It is an amazing feeling. Can you believe when I started this whole thing I couldn't even swim 50 meters?!? I have come a LONG way folks.

I am not sure what tomorrow holds for us TNT'ers but hopefully some training of some sort. I am getting really excited about my event.

I finalized the Zaxby's invites for Janine and my fundraiser so I will probably print those out this week and that is right around the corner.

Nothing much else to blog about. Until next time....

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  1. Not only could you swim the 800 kicked it's butt! :) I think for our next "friends feat" after we kick tush in the tri, is to climb Mt. Everest. Hahahaha!