Friday, August 15, 2008


So...this has been a ho hum week. Do you ever have those? It's just kind of been one of those weeks where you go through the motions and before you know it, it's Friday. Well, that has been my week. I swam on Tuesday night with the team but other than that I have had no group training and I am SOOOOO beyond ready for Janine to be back. I am not sure what is in store for our team this weekend because I haven't heard from the mentors yet (I know...its 4 on Friday, right?) but even if I don't I will be swimming, biking and running at some point.

I got a really cool video from Scott (LLS team coordinator) that was inspirational for me. Although it is about an event called Light the Night and not about TNT so much, it is still cool to hear about another event raising money for LLS just like my event. If you have 10 minutes - check it out!


Lastly, if you are in Lexington or a surrounding area- I want to encourage you to check out an event in Nicholasville on August 23rd. This is an opportunity to help those in our backyards who are struggling with cancer. This little boy's story (Bryce - the one who this event is in memory of) is one that is sure to bring tears to your eyes but what an amazing chance for us to help others like him. I hope you will join me in walking/running in memory of him and for all those who need our help now!


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