Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Wednesday was the night of mine and Janine's fundraiser at Zaxby's. We had gotten the word out as best as we could and it was time to see if people would come. It wasn't a huge turnout but plenty of our friends showed up and we really appreciated it. Thank you to all of those who joined us in the restaraunt or via drive-through. Your support means alot! The manager was really nice and said once she figured out the profit from this evenings sales between 6-9 she would send us a check for 10% of that amount. We can't wait to see how we did. Here are some pictures from the event.

The Banks and Wiley Clan, including the cutest member: Matthew

The Best Babysitter in the world: Chelsea Rearick and her friend Ashley

Eric and Beth Bentley

The McCaws..Will, John, Laura, and Lily

Our Information Table

We hung some signage outside and I was able to convince these two to let me take their picture - who could have been cuter? John Tyler and Lily Elizabeth

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