Sunday, September 21, 2008

The weekend is over already?

Although I enjoy having weekend plans, I hate that it inevitably makes your weekend fly by. I can't believe it's already Sunday but I also can't believe all we have crammed into the weekend either.

Yesterday morning Janine and I did the 5 K which benefited her Physical Therapy class and we took the number one and number two spot in our age division (25-29)! Can you believe that? Neither can we but we are so pumped. I think my time was 24:55 and hers was 25:13. Go us!

Here is a picture taken right after we found out we placed and got our free water bottles.

Once the race was over I ran home to shower and then we took Kennedy to the Kentucky Equine Humane Center because they were having an open house (so cool), had my car washed by the East Jessamine High Cheerleaders (can't beat $5), went to Walmart, came home and watched a movie and crashed.

I was up bright and early with Kennedy and we made blueberry fun! At 10 AM I was at the pool doing my Sunday swim. Janine and I had lunch and then met the others for a bike ride. We rode the Tri For Sight course and it was a tough ride. I think our quads were feeling the heat of pushing it a little bit yesterday and then biking on top of swimming wore us both out!

Now you know why I say the weekend is over already? More training is on dock for this weekend and we have a special tire changing clinic before our swim on Tuesday so I am sure to blog later this week.

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  1. C-RAZY weekend! Can't believe we managed to fit it all in...whew!!