Thursday, October 16, 2008

Resistance Training Woes

I have officialy started following Hal Higdon's training guidelines and one of those guidelines is that you weight/resistance train twice a week. Yesterday was my first day to resistance train and my goal was simply to do free weight exercised (working arms and legs) for about 30 minutes. I should add to this that I ran 4 miles (prior to doing my resistance) yesterday pushing the jog stroller (which I haven't done in a while) because Tim is out of town and Janine was running with me. So after getting home from jogging I got Kennedy ready for bed and then went downstairs to do my weight work. I have a lot of weight lifting experience - I took classes two years in high school as an elective and actually took two weight lifting classes in Murray too. I started with lunges and squats and about 15 minutes in to my workout I had sweat rolling down the side of my face (indoors!) and was panting. When I began to do lunges around the downstairs my legs started locking up - OMG I thought, am I really this out of weight training shape. The answer is - YES! I only did about 22 minutes of weight work and this morning I feel as though I have ran 50 miles or something insane like that. I am so sore! I started to think last night though and I guess the last time I really did any type of resistance training involving weights was in early pregnancy. I think I stopped lifting about 20 weeks into my pregnancy because it was uncomfortable at that point. has been a LONG time and I obviously am going to have my work cut out for me. Despite being sore and feeling rather pathetic - I do feel good knowing I am going to be strengthening again.

On a good note, I heard from Billie yesterday and she is for sure going to participate in the 1/2 marathon in December with me: YAY! It is so nice to have a partner in crime for things like this. Courtney (who has had a foot stress injury of sorts) is easing back into her running and hopefully will be joining us as well. We will be doing long runs together on Saturdays in no time. I am out of town this weekend for a wedding and then I plan to really buckle down with training and do some weekind runs together.

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