Monday, November 17, 2008

A new running buddy

I haven't posted in a while and since I am in to work a little early today I thought I would. Running has been going good although the cold weather challenges have begun and I have a little bit of a sore throat because of it. Mine and Billie's long runs have gone well and this weekend was a 10 miler. I haven't done 10 miles in a LONG time so I was a little worried. My trusty friend and babysitter Chelsea was willing to run the last 4 with me if I could kick 6 on my own. That, my friends, is LOVE! So...I did the first six and they went well although dreadfully cold and windy. I met Chels at my house and she did the last 4 and I felt great when I finished but sore muscles set in last night and have stayed with me until this AM. I figured Chels would think I was even crazier than she already thought me after running in the frigid weather for the first time. She is dedicated y'all. Not only did she not think I was crazy - she wanted to join me this morning. Yay! I smell a bonified RUNNER! It's addicting I tell ya. We did 4 miles this morning in 36 weather but we did it and it was great company. I think I have a new running buddy. Courtney is still going to join me on Wed/Thur but due to Kennedy's arrangement Court would have to get up at like 4 something (way too early) to run with me the other days of the week. I hate running alone so now I have someone on the other days - I am happy. Billie had lots to do this weekend but we are planning on running together next weekend - a 15K is what is in store. Whoopee!

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  1. Ha...I still can't believe I am doing this...but I am pumped to have someone to run with!!!! :) I feel so good after this morning, even if it was cold as all get out! (I think I must admit, running is addicting) Thanks for getting me started in all of were my inspiration!!!! love ya...