Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's been a while

Well...I am blogging after a couple of off days (off from blogging that is...not training). It has been insane for the last several days. Sunday we swam at UK during a mile swim some others were participating in. Obviously we didn't swim a mile - the thought actually amuses me a little. Anyhow - we have finally graduated from drills only to the actual workout that the masters swimmers do. Janine and I were feeling a little ambitious so we thought we would attempt the entire workout rather than half like we have been doing. Well....we didn't finish but we did get a great workout and I have posted some pics for you below.

This is me during my dreaded pull buoy lap.

Still smiling close to the end of our workout.

This is the only team mate that joined us on Sunday - GinaThis is what our work-outs look like. We stick them on the side of the pool at the end of the lane and do as much as we can before time runs out. If it goes into the drain - watch out because it does not make Sargent Susan happy!

Remember me writing about the difficulty of pull buoys? Well - just to give you a little more perspective I am posting a video of an experienced swimmer doing a pull buoy lap and then a video of Janine doing one. I promise I wouldn't throw Janine under the bus but the video of me doing it didn't turn out right. Janine looks pretty good anyhow...me on the other hand...whatever!



Last night was another brick at Coldstream and we just increased biking by a lap and running by two minutes over last weeks workout. Tonight the UK pool is officially closed for draining and cleaning so we are on our own at the public pools until it re-opens. Janine and I plan to swim on our own tomorrow afternoon - should be interesting because its long course and outside - two things we aren't used to.

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