Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Around and Around and Around we go

We had our very first team bike ride last night at Beaumont Circle. Despite that we rode in a 1.0 mile circle for 6 laps it was a good time. Susan wanted to see us all on our bikes, watch how we signaled, watch how we dismounted, etc. Eric checked all our bikes out - the fit, the tire pressure, etc. Eric also taught us how to change a flat - invaluable in my opinion because I have never accurately been taught before. Let's just say I hope I never get a flat because that is no easy task! The weather was a little weird (cloudy, cool, and windy) but comfortable nonetheless. A fun little factoid I picked up during our session - in triathlons drafting can earn you a penalty. Who knew! I thought drafting was like pacing as a runner. Nope! You must keep 3 bike lengths between you and the person in front of you and if you cant you must pass and you only have 15 seconds to do so. Penalties dock your finish time and if you get three you can be DQ'd. Did you guys know that? Pretty cool stuff but Thank God they told me because as person who has group cycled a good bit I totally would have assumed drafting was fair game. Now I know! The only downfall to last night was no Janine - she had class. I missed you Neene! It always feels good to be on my bike so I am looking forward to our next ride whenever it may be.

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