Thursday, July 24, 2008


So...yesterday I set out to swim on my own (like I said I would) to get in another practice session during the week. After all my years of experience as an athlete one thing has never changed- practice is the only way to improve. I decided I would run by Walmart prior to my swim to pick up a kick board so I could warm up with that before doing some laps. I would just like to share with you all that the only kick boards that were being sold at Walmart were either Spider man or Finding Nemo. All I could think while I was walking the aisles was "boy does this have something to say about my swimming ability, I am being reduced to swimming with a Nemo kick board for crying out loud and FYI I am not ten years old!" Oh well - Nemo it is I thought, because there is no way I am going to the local swim shop to drop 20+ bucks on a friggin' kick board. Whatever!

I decided to swim at Shilito and the Lord was looking down on me (most likely with pity) because there was NO ONE at the pool. It was crazy because the last time Janine and I went to Shilito, it was packed like sardines up in there. Anyhow - I got to work and although I don't have any amazing report to make I feel better knowing that I got in that extra day. I was mainly trying to work on relaxation stuff in the water. I tried to think about Kennedy or running or something that I am comfortable with and or makes me happy. So sad, right? It did work a little, however, if someone had been kicking up a storm behind me it may have ruffled my feathers a tad. I swam for about an 40 minutes and I plan to possibly get back out and do some more this weekend too. Funny that Nemo seems to be following me throughout my experience, huh? "Just keep swimming...just keep swimming......just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

Although this whole process continues to be challenging in ways I never dreamed, I am so glad I am doing it for this cause. It stormed yesterday morning and I was so tempted to just throw in the towel on the whole swim idea for the day because I knew it would be challenging. Although my swimming difficulties are nothing like the pain a cancer patient spurs me on to think of them and what they might go through. I am raising money for those people so their suffering can be less and if I don't complete my goal and continue to train and fundraise this will have not been a successful experience to me. I am proud to say that as of today I have $400 left to reach my goal and lots more swimming to be ready for the event. Thanks for all of your support, prayers and encouragement. I know I can do this!


  1. You go girl. Good for you for getting in that extra swim. I'm proud of you!

  2. Nemo is soooo better than Spiderman!! Good choice and great are working so hard!

  3. All that hard work has paid off---you looked so great at the pool today! Almost can't tell a difference b/w the real way to do pull-buoys and your way! So proud to share a lane with you! :)