Monday, July 7, 2008

The Blues

We had a scheduled ride at Beaumont this evening. I was really looking forward to it all day today at work and then I had a semi-detrimental event prior to my departure for the ride. I left work at 5:30 and the ride was at 6:30 with a 30 minute drive to get there so I had 30 minutes to pump up my tires, load up my bike and gear, eat dinner and change clothes. Anyhow - Tim pumped my tires up and put my bike out by the car and when he came in he said he wasn't sure on the function of my rack so he sat the bike next to it. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off and trying to get the baby gates we bought last night to childproof our house in my car because - THEY DIDN'T FIT! ARGH! Back to Babies R Us they go. In all the hubbub we said our goodbyes and off I went so I wouldn't be late and then I heard it. There is no mistaking that awful noise when your car hits something it shouldn't. That something......was my bike. OMG! Did I just hit my bike. Breathe.....count to ten.....don't hyperventilate was what I was chanting in my head. Road bikes are not even remotely inexpensive so the thought that I might have damaged it beyond repair was enough to make me nauseous. Tim went running back and picked it up and I didn't even want to get out of my car because then there was a way to kind of pretend it didn't happen. I got out.....shaking and inspected it - scuffed up seat, scratched pedal and a couple other minor dents but no big damage - PRAISE THE LORD! Once my heart beat returned to a normal rhythm I left to meet the team.

The ride went well. We did some speed intervals and that was fun and challenging but nothing too intense. James, Jennifer, Janine and I were all there and James told us he had made a debut in the newspaper this weekend. He ran in the local 10 K (dressed like a Blues Brother) and had his picture put in the paper - he's famous! Anyhow...I thought I would share that with you all and tell you to keep him in your prayers. James has hernia surgery scheduled for Thursday and he will be unable to train for the next three weeks so he is bummed out but plans to come and watch us train when we have sessions. That's love, huh?

GO JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, I want to ask that you all keep Susan in your prayers as well. Her cousin Buck who has been fighting Leukemia lost his fight this weekend and she will attend his funeral tomorrow. She said she felt as though in 5 years someone like him will be able to live longer because of what people like us are doing right now - so inspiring! Anyhow - she was really close to him and I know she has had a difficult time with her loss. I just admire her for being out riding with us tonight - being positive - encouraging us and just moving forward in the effort to find a cure: amazing! Janine had her camera with her tonight and we got some shots with Susan and Tracy - Enjoy!


from L to R: Tracy (mentor), James Pelfrey (DC Nations Tri Trainee), me, Janine, Jennifer (tri trainee), and Susan Bradley Cox - the coach herself in all her glory! If she looks tough its because SHE IS!


  1. LOVE IT...GO James! Hilarious, he is! A great ride, Linds--loved the blurr as you passed me too!

  2. How cool! I think what you guys are doing is so awesome...and I think I would like that James guy!!! :)