Friday, July 18, 2008


Thank God it's Friday y'all! It has been a crazy week and it's nice to have a night that I don't have a training commitment of some sort, you know? It has been a supremely busy week. Courtney and I ran Monday and then I had biking at Beaumont that night, we ran Tuesday AM and then I had volleyball in the PM - I took Wednesday off and then we ran yesterday and I had swim last night. Craziness! Courtney was up a lot last night because her man is off to Canada to fish so we didn't make it up to run this AM, however, Kennedy and I took a brisk walk to the duck pond to feed the ducks and back to the house so I did get my heart rate up a little. Kennedy was most amused with the ducks but then when the geese started to come over they stole the show. She was more interested in having some bread for herself honestly. Tomorrow I am planning to run 6 miles at the Arboretum with Billie and Janine will join us for 4 before she jets off to class. I am planning on going to the bike shop tomorrow to get some things I will need prior to Sunday's training tri. We are going through the whole course on Sunday as a practice for our event. No one is obligated to complete each activity, but we are encouraged to participate in some capacity. I think Janine and I plan to swim around 200 meters and then do the full bike - 14 miles I believe. Once we are done with that it is off to load the Owens Uhaul. It is a bittersweet thing because it means Janine is moving in with us but it makes her ultimate move date all too close for comfort too. Reality check! We are going to be some tired chicas come Sunday night. Courtney might not be able to join me next week because her man is out of town and their Rhodesian ridge back baby "Gunner" will need tending too before she could get back from a day of work + rising early and leaving for our runs. Boo-hoo. We all know how poorly I do without accountability so my fingers and toes are crossed that someone volunteers to help out or something. ha ha. Well - have a super weekend everyone. I should have pics and stories to follow this weekends events. Until then........

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  1. bittersweet, indeed...thus the cry session I had in the floor of your bedroom!!