Sunday, March 27, 2011

I hate it when the weekend is almost over...don't y'all? It's so nice to be together as a family and to leisurely begin your morning with breakfast and some extra time in the ole pj's. That is probably my least favorite thing about being a working Mommy ~ the morning rush and stress it creates for everyone to be out the door and on the way to work and daycare by a certain time. I'm trying to soak up the benefit of not having to do that while on maternity leave...I just wish Tim could have that leave with me too. The weekend is that time for us right now and I LOVE it!

My Dad and Kathy left this morning prior to church in an effort to beat some of the poor weather and arrive home in a timely manner. As is customary for Kathy - there were lots of pictures taken while she was here and I copied them all over to my computer last night. Here are some of my favorites:

The hat in that last picture was a gift from my cousin Maranda ~ isn't it darling? I tried it on for the first time last night and Kathy snapped that photo. Too cute! She has a "rapid fire" option (for lack of more appropriate nomenclature) on her camera and it enables her to get some really good shots. Like with several other friends - I have some pretty intense camera envy. My Powershot is getting the job done but clearly not as well as it could (see above photos). Oh day we'll have a big fancy camera and I'll be able to post incredible pics of my own.

We made it back to church again today. It's a crazy shuffle to get Avery's feedings in and get out the door - hoping that the service lines up with her schedule enough that we'll actually get to enjoy the sermon (it's pretty much like stars aligning frankly) all the while trying to look somewhat decent, but MAN is it worth it. Just to worship and see friends and be spiritually fed. I need that time with my family and with the Lord. It's just refreshing and restorative and helps me to face the week ahead. long as we can make it out the door in one piece we'll keep trying to be there. Avery did really well until right at the end when she started getting hungry - I'd definitely call it a success for sure.

Kennedy is continuing to adjust to "big sisterhood". I took advantage of having my Dad here and left Avery with him on Friday so I could pick Kennedy up and she and I could have some alone Mommy-Daughter time. We got a redbox movie, picked out a "special movie treat" at Walmart and grabbed a happy meal. Once I got home we set up a "picnic" on the air mattress in the play room and she was a happy camper. I think Tim and I will just need to be diligent in ensuring those special moments continue to happen in an effort to communicate to her that she's still our baby too.

My sister Catina, brother-in-law Kevin and their two girls arrive tomorrow and I am most excited about having them here. There are few times I see Kennedy connect with other children the way she does with her cousins. If there were one wish granted to me in life it would be to live closer to my sisters so I could see more of those moments occur. Seriously! I hate not being closer to them but boy it makes the together times sweet so I am really looking forward to having them here with us for a few days. We're going to try to get the girls out and do some fun things like bowling, skating, etc. The weather is so crummy, we'll need to get creative! I want those 70's we had last week back - they were so glorious!

We are off to small group tonight to watch UK play and then listen to a Tommy Nelson lesson. We love that time to fellowship with fellow members of our church family so we always look forward to it. I'm hoping UK pulls out a win or I'll be forced to dine and fellowship with some grumpy Lexingtonians! Go Cats!

Hope y'all have had a great weekend...


  1. YAY for rapid fire...the pics are great!!

  2. Avery is so beautiful. Can't wait to hold both of the girls.

  3. Aweeee that hat! She looks like she's already so much bigger then when I left. :(

    And thanks for the pic of Kennedy with her allows me to still think of her as my baby!!! She has been looking too old lately!!