Thursday, March 3, 2011

The love just keeps coming

We broke free from the hospital today. Woo-hoo! I was ready to get home and just get back to our normal....well, our new normal and although I still feel super tired, it's refreshing to be super tired in my own home.

Yesterday was a good day in the hospital ~ Avery had more visitors. We really didn't have many visitors in the hospital when we had Kennedy but we have been blessed with many this time around. Many bearing sweet little baby items to adorn the nursery or our sweet little preemie's body ;). Our pastor came by with his wife and prayed a blessing over her - that was likely the highlight of my day just feeling overjoyed with love for her and feeling incredibly blessed by our Heavenly Father. Here is a re-cap in pics of our day yesterday:

Kennedy came by and had a Happy Birthday Avery cupcake compliments of Elizabeth
 She's ready to be a big helper...especially where the paci is concerned.
 She does like to hold "Baby Avery" but not for very long
 This is my pastors sweet wife Erica. She is due with her third in June. Isn't she too cute?
 These are the wives of two of our church elders...Kelly & Joan. We were feeling our church family's love for sure!
 I was super happy that Courtney came back by for a visit. She essentially babysat for our first date night (post Avery's arrival) - even though it occurred in the hospital room. I know, I know - it was a hot date. Ha! The hospital does a celebratory dinner for parents the night before they leave and the meal was really nice, even including sparkling White Grape Juice and fancy desserts. She was gracious enough to snuggle Avery while we ate. Thanks Court!
Waste not, want not, right? Apparently that is EXACTLY how Tim feels about the hospital's gift of White Grape Juice. Ha Ha!
Kennedy came back for a visit before the evening ended and brought pictures that she'd colored - one for me and one for Avery. Too sweet!  
 Thank heavens for all of Chelsea's help with Kennedy. I've not had to worry about her once because I know she's in wonderful hands. She's even shuttled her back and forth to the hospital for visits with her new baby sister.
Visibly noting how tired Tim was all day yesterday, I suggested that he come home for the night last night and catch up on some sleep so he could be full steam ahead to help me once we all came home. My Mom stayed up at the hospital in his place to help me last night. She had a pretty good night but the reality of newborns is waking every 2-3's just part of it. So...Mom and I have been a bit sleep deprived today. All the more reason to get home and get comfy and ready for another evening....

 Grandmomma Honey with Avery before we left the hospital today. We got her all dolled up in her "going home" outfit. My grandmother always purchased pretty little outfits for my sisters and I to bring home our babies in but since we lost my Grandmother last year, my Mom decided to carry the torch on and purchased this sweet little outfit for Avery to wear home from the hospital today.
 We didn't forget to dress up her little toesies!
 Why are bonnets so stinkin' cute?
 We were ready to go!
 Pretty sure Avery didn't care one way or the other..
 Seriously - the car seat swallowed her whole.
 She's been a doll since we got home - just sleeping, eating and being content. It's been wonderful. Hopefully I can say the same tomorrow about our night tonight. =)

Joan (pictured above) brought us a delicious meal, so we were able to just relax, catch up on some sleep, do laundry and just try to re-group.

Tim plans to go to work tomorrow so I am thankful my Mom and Jim are here to keep me company. Avery has a pediatric follow up at 1:00 and we may go by and show her off to my co-workers. They are dying to see her!

I have a few videos from the past few days to share with you. I am partial - but they make me smile. Hopefully they do the same for you!

First up is a video that Chelsea recorded right before Kennedy came to the hospital to meet Avery Cate :

Next is a video of Kennedy showing off one of her gifts for Avery Cate - she purchased this with the help of her Nana. I'm pretty sure Kennedy is more excited about it than ANYONE else! See for yourself:

I adored hearing this over and over and over again in the small confines of our hospital room. I adored it so much so, in fact that I cried a small tear when Kennedy wanted to take it home with her and Chelsea. Are you sensing the sarcasm? Chelsea said she tapped it a gazillion times on the way home from the hospital and I don't doubt that one bit. Apparently the party continued once they got back home:


  1. Congratulations Lindsy and Tim on the safe arrival of your precious new baby girl, Avery Cate! I was praying for you when Abby had posted you were in labor and I'm glad she's here safe & sound.

    How precious is Kennedy with her dancing to that balloon music. CRACKED ME UP! hee hee

    God bless you all as you settle into life as a family of 4! Hugs xo

  2. I don't think looking at this blog every day is helping me miss you all less! Love you and can't wait to hug you all again soon.

    (I even miss that stinking balloon!) haha