Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Recap of our crazy last few days.....

*Read on at your own risk: this post is a LONG one. You might wanna grab a cup of coffee or some other caffeinated beverage of your choice. Ha!*

My weekend started out Friday evening with a Girl's Night Out hosted by Heather Sontag at her home in Wilmore. I wish I had taken some pictures but I swear we were so busy talking, laughing our heads off, and shoving our faces - it never occurred to any of us to get out a camera! It was all girls from my Moms group - some new, some old and some "alumni" who've moved on but still love to get together on occasion. We had such a good time and it was a nice end to my busy work week. It was way past my bedtime when I got home though and when I pulled off my socks for the night it was apparent I should've been home sooner with my feet up. I figured I would use Saturday to recuperate as best as possible and that became more of a necessity than I'd imagined.

I had a regularly scheduled 38 week visit with my midwife Saturday morning and for reasons we weren't really sure of (at the time), my blood pressure was elevated. They took it like 6 times while I was there and each time it was high. High blood pressure isn't something I've ever really had to deal with so it came as much as a surprise to me as it did to them. Because of the swelling + high blood pressure my midwife wanted to take every precaution so she sent me for bloodwork on Saturday and scheduled an ultrasound for Monday. More on that later in the posting! To be continued...
Abby and Billie had kindly booked us pedicure appointments as my birthday gift and I figured what better way to rest, right? I had given myself a pedicure (stop laughing...I really did) a few weeks ago and lets just say it left A LOT to be desired so I was thrilled when they notified me that was going to be their birthday present - AWESOME. When I arrived at the nail salon there was a pretty little starbucks beverage next to my pedicure chair and a nice little wrapped present in my chair. Here I thought it was just going to be pedi's and they went all out - even bringing us all an individual fancy schmancy cupcake from Caramanda's bakery.
I haven't had a pedicure in ages (an unfortunate side-effect of a budget) and it felt so amazing. We all decided that our toes looked so good and having them done was so wonderful...we'd splurge on manicures as well. It's been even longer since I had that done but oh my word, the memories of how wonderful manicure massages feel came rushing back as soon as the lotion was squeezed onto my forearm. I literally could do that every day. After the morning I'd had this was definitely the prescription for relaxation at it's best! I was like a noodle by the time we walked out of there. Yeah...a perfectly content and relaxed noodle. I did remember to grab someone to take a picture and it was the perfect comedic end to a fun spa girls date. You see...he was of Asian persuasion (that's the closest to PC I could get) and so while he was holding the camera trying his best to focus he was also ordering us to say "Cheee". Over and over again he asked us to say "Cheee" without the "se" on the end....maybe you had to be there but it was straight funny! We all walked out giggling like school girls, but at least we ended up with a decent shot to document the evening out.

Their gift to me was Pioneer Woman's new book that was just recently released "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels". I actually had already gotten it as a birthday present from Chelsea...these girls know I love me some PW! Anyhow....the book they gave me had a little something special tucked inside:

Although I'm not patient enough to sit through book signings - I am pretty stoked about having her signature in my book. Very cool. I like to share my love of all things PW so much so that I am sure I'll have no problems giving my un-signed copy to a well deserving soul. I've already started it - lets just say that Chelsea's timing on that book could not have been more perfect because of my rest orders. Oh my word I might be going stir crazy without that book - it's really good so far and now it's like I practically know her since she's penned my name in my copy from Abby and Billie. Right? Ha. Thanks girls....a very fun birthday celebration.

The timing of that mani/pedi session couldn't have been more perfect because my maternity shoot with Jes was on Sunday. We did some very fun poses and had a really good time during the shoot so I am anxious (as always) to see what we end up with out of the shots she took. I know I'll be happy with them...I always am!

Continuation of the unfinished earlier in posting begins here: The bloodwork that the midwife ordered came back totally normal so that was a relief, but I was put on strict rest for the remainder of the weekend then we got some seriously surprising news at the ultrasound appointment with the Dr. on Monday ~ the baby's amniotic fluid level was low and because of that and the aforementioned, he recommended that I be admitted for induction that evening. So...Tim and I scrambled around the house getting the remainder of our hospital items together and then turned around and headed back to the hospital. We put team taylor baby #2 systems in "go mode" so my Mom and Jim drove through the night on Monday from SC, Courtney went to hour house rather than home from work to be with my sweet Kennedy and Chelsea drove through the night from PA to take Kennedy-duty over from Courtney so she could get to work as planned Tuesday. Tim's parents arrived Monday evening and the craziness began! Of course I had to make sure that I got my "last supper" in before the induction process began, so Kennedy and I shared some Cheetos.
After Kennedy left for the evening, I ordered in some Jimmy Johns as my official last supper and then started trying to mentally prepare for the task ahead. My visitors had other things in mind...........
 After administration of Ambien I slept well and Tuesday morning I awoke to my sweet little nurse named Jessica stating the following:  "Mrs. Taylor, it's time to break your water and get your pitocin started" and what I heard was - "girl - GAME ON!"

Once they started pitocin the contractions came relatively quickly and strongly and I was never so happy to see my sweet midwife (Melissa Courtney) arrive and assist me through labor. She was amazing and I can't imagine Avery's birth without her help. Here we are between contractions.
Basically, my morning went as follows:
6:15 AM My water was broken
6:30 AM Pitocin was started
8:45 AM 4 cm
11:10 AM 7 cm
11:40 AM 9.5 cm
I labored pretty much standing up and at this point I got into the bed to gather myself because according to my midwife "it was going to be soon".
12:00 PM Avery Cate was born and "It's a girl" was exclaimed. My mom, Tim, and I were all crying and staring at yet another girl who just joined our family. She came into this world a little peanut, weighing 6lbs 5 oz's and measuring 18 inches in length.

 The proud Daddy of two girls.
Avery's first bath.
All clean and dressed to impress.
Here is Kennedy in the same outfit after she was born. I can see some similarities. You?
How about a closer look.....Avery Cate
Kennedy Clare
Several people welcomed our sweet Avery soon after her arrival.
Here is Nana:
Grandmomma Honey & Big Jim
and of course...the best Daddy ever
Avery had a great afternoon and it's a good thing because there were a lot of folks anxious to see her and love on our little family.
 Elizabeth, who brought a sweet little outfit and some "birthday" cupcakes from Gigi's.
 Abby, Jonathan and Adalyn. They kindly brought us dinner and a pretty floral arrangement. Thanks guys!
 Billie, Derek and Eli

 Adalyn, who always looks so teensie-tiny didn't look so much like that up next to Avery. Look how curious she was about her though:

It was a wonderful day...we feel very blessed that Avery's low amniotic fluid was caught early enough to intervene and keep her safe. The birth (though quick and intense) was everything I had hoped it would be and we just felt very loved on by friends and family for the remainder of the day. So far she has been extremely content (though I realize that could change at any moment) and has been nursing well which I'm so thankful for!

We had many more friends come through today but that posting will have to wait for tomorrow. I'm a tired Momma. I sent Tim home for the evening to get some rest and my Momma is up here with me for the evening. Fingers crossed for some much needed shut-eye. 


  1. TEARS!!!! I am so sad to not be there but so proud of you and cannot wait to hold that sweet baby!

  2. I'm so impressed that you have the birth post before you even leave the hospital!! You are on it girl! Seriously reading this brought tears to my eyes. I'm so thrilled for you all:) Can't wait to get some more time with Avery!!

  3. I cannot wait to see Avery in person! She is so beautiful! I just hung out with Kennedy and Chelsea! Thanks for sharing them with me! See you soon!

  4. Wow Lindsy! What a story to tell and such a precious little gift from God! What a beautiful group of family and friends you have to give Avery such a warm welcome! God bless each of you as you raise her in Him! XO

    P.S. So glad you got those pretty toes in before labor - hee hee