Friday, March 25, 2011

Well....Avery turned three weeks on Tuesday. It's hard to believe, except for the fact that she's changing every day. She's getting more attentive and she's starting to try to smile in reaction to us. It's very subtle but it's coming which thrills me to pieces because, hello!!! What could be sweeter? Here is a video clip of she and her Daddy having their one on one time after he gets home from work. Look how she's staring at him! Precious....

Kennedy seems to be adjusting a bit better too. We are making an extreme effort to try to have individual time with just her. It's hard when I'm here with the two of them alone, but we are still trying when we are all here and I try super hard when Avery is napping to totally focus on Kennedy (even if I've not had a sad, but so true). Here is a sweet moment I captured of the two girls this week:

My Dad and Kathy came in on Wednesday evening and they've been soaking up the grand baby love around here. Kennedy's been keeping them entertained and they've been coloring, playing play dough and anything else she wants to do.

I'm happy to report (despite the constant feeding of Avery) it's getting a bit easier around here. Kennedy's improvement helps immensely and I think we're just "adjusting" to our new normal. Let me give credit where credit is due too - my hubs has  been a HUGE help at night. He's been doing the last feeding around 10-10:30 and letting me go to bed which is glorious! He then does the supplemental feed in the middle of the night after I nurse her and then he wakes up early, gets Kennedy ready for school, then takes her to daycare, and goes to work. I know he's got to be exhausted but he's yet to complain and I can't really describe how thankful I am for his help. Go Daddy! =)

I keep wanting to post about something other than my kiddo's lest I become one of "those bloggers" who abandons her blogging to solely talk about her "chirens" but my blogortunities happen so infrequently lately I hate not to update family members who are DYING to see more pics of this new little one and her big sis.

For non-family members who are checking in - I promise a non-kiddo related blog is to come. It's brewing in my mind ;)

Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. OH MY WORD...that video of Kennedy and Avery has to be about the most precious thing ever in the world! It is just so sweet...and amazing to see Kennedy holding her baby sister in her little wrap thing that used to hold her!!! Snif snif...

    I am dying to get back down!!!

  2. The singing and rocking is so stinkin cute!! Oh my goodness! So glad you're having a great time with your dad:) Extra hands are always nice.

    And I so understand the whole blogging about kids thing. Hey, you blog about what your life is revolving around. And right now it's all about your kids. And that's a-okay! I'm right there with ya!