Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

We've had a pretty good Saint Patty's Day around here.
We had beautiful weather so we got out and enjoyed it and it was so nice.
 I can't get over how big my "big girl" looks in these pictures. I don't know if it's having a younger one now or if it's truly that she is changing at a rapid rate but my oh my how big she looks!
 I tried to get a couple of both girls together but Avery wasn't too thrilled with that whole plan (clearly):

Avery had her 2 week well check up yesterday and she's not gained weight like she should have (according to the pediatrician). She still looks a bit "golden" as well so they elected to re-check her bilirubin levels which I found out today have gone up. Moral of the story: she's not getting enough calorically therefore we've been instructed to supplement after feedings and I've been instructed to pump in order to increase milk supply. The child has been eating non-stop so I can only chalk it up to inefficient nursing but regardless we are on a mission now and hopefully we'll only need to supplement for a few days and my body will fill in that gap! We go back tomorrow to have her poor little heel pricked again to see if the supplementing has helped. My fingers are crossed!

She has sucked down those bottles like no body's business though and it's given Tim an opportunity to have that time with her. Of course when he went to feed her for the first time last night the camera battery was dead so those pics are on my cell phone. I'll have to share them at another time.

Janine arrived today with Keagan and we are soooo super excited to have her here. It's going to be so nice to visit and just have lots of "me too" moments over the next few days. 

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