Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's been a week already! Holy Cow!

It's hard to believe that Avery Cate is one week old today. She is such a sweet and good natured baby. I know it's a total blessing and don't y'all worry - I've been making sure Jesus knows how thankful I am. She is sleeping pretty well and at this point nursing like 2-3 times a night which I can TOTALLY deal with. She rarely cries and when she does I can get her calmed down pretty quickly which again - not taking for granted.

The last week has been so full...of company...of love....of firsts....of good bye's....it's just flown by! Speaking of firsts, here are some pictures of Avery's first bath. She screamed the ENTIRE time but was easy to soothe afterwards....she's not a fan of being nekkid...I understand;).
Avery also had her first pediatric appointment this past week - on Friday. Our regular pediatrician (whom we've only been seeing for a short while) was out of the office so we saw a new pediatrician and we LOVED him as much as the other. Coming from a pediatric office that wasn't all that great I've just been thrilled with how awesome these guys are. Tim has skewed my perception of this particular Dr. though because after we left and then for the remainder of the weekend he kept referring to him as Dr. Huxstable and now that's all I can think of him when I've talked to/seen him. When I saw him today for our follow up I totally almost called him that. I would take that as a compliment...wouldn't you? I mean, who doesn't flippin' love the Cosby's?
Everything looks good according to him, however, she is a bit jaundiced so we've had to have her bilirubin levels checked three times since we left the hospital and will go again tomorrow. So far the most upset we've seen her and the most she's cried is during the heel prick procedure that they do to get the blood sample. First they warm her little heel up with a foot warmer.
Then comes the prick and there is a bit of a delayed reaction typically.....
but then...she lets you know how she feels about it all:
Poor baby had a heel stick and a vaccine on Friday. Notice Daddy had holding duty - I didn't think I could handle it and I'm pretty sure that was accurate because I almost cried.
Kennedy is continuing to be an incredible big sister ~ she was most concerned about her sisters boo-boos after her appointment on Friday. She asks where she is, what she's doing, etc. She's just been awesome!
We've been trying to make it a point to ensure she gets individual attention each day just to make the transition easier. On Saturday, my Mom, Courtney, Chelsea and I went out to Orange Leaf (a local self-serve frozen yogurt shop) and Kennedy joined us - she clearly enjoyed herself:
She has continued to receive "big sister" gifts. This one is from her Grandaddy and Kathy and had matching PJ's.
She felt as though the PJ's most appropriately coordinated with these shoes (you like the pose?):
Chelsea left on Saturday and I broke out into a straight ugly cry. Thankfully my Mommy's shoulder was there. It was a mixture of missing her but also feeling so, so, super blessed that I did not once have to worry about my sweet eldest child during all of the craziness. She couldn't have been in better hands! Thanks Chelsea!
My Mom and "big Jim" left today and if it hadn't been for the immediate food demands of Avery I likely would've broken into the ugly cry again, however, duty called! I definitely still cried but I tried to be a big girl because there were lots of to-do's to keep me distracted after having company in for a full week. The first thing Kennedy asked when she got home from school yesterday was "Where are Honey and Big Jim"? So sweet...
Although my plan was to have Avery in our bedroom in her little bassinet for several weeks, we've ended up putting her in her "big girl" crib for the past several nights and she's done really well. I've been sleeping in the nursery with her until last night when I "moved" back into our bedroom. Of course my first night in a different room was a bit rougher but hey - it's all temporary. Thankfully the joy of a 2nd child is that you know the sleep deprivation will end. We'll still use our bassinet because I love it too much not too, but we'll likely move it into our family room so she's closer by when I'm busying about the house and I can check on her easily.
I had dejavu when I saw these pictures of Avery in the crib because it reminded me of Kennedy's first night in her crib (oh...at 6 weeks of age!) and apparently I took the exact same photos. Ha!
Clearly we Taylors are swaddling advocates. You stick to what you know works, right? =)
My Aunt Kay and Uncle Gary sent these head bands and bows to Avery this week. Aren't they a riot? So stinkin' cute! I think they look even more over the top because her little peanut head is so teensie.
This child loves to eat...so much so that when I burp her she attempts to eat anything that might produce food...
Abby & Jonathan brought us lunch on Sunday and it was yummy! You can't go wrong with a little Jimmy Johns. Here's a picture of our girls together...one of many to come I feel sure.
Today my sweet friend Annie from my Moms group came to get Kennedy so she could have fun, yet I could still focus on Avery. I am so, so super grateful that she offered to do that because I'm sure Kennedy will have a ball and I'm still in the super early stages of figuring out how to handle two. She was going the be the only girl amongst a house full of boys because Annie's two friends were bringing their boys over too. I made sure to pack her Barbie and Cinderella so she'd have some estrogen friendly items but I can't wait to hear how the afternoon has gone with all those boys because my girls a bit boy crazy. She was nice enough to set her up for nap over at her house too. Did I mention she's pregnant? I know right - AMAZING.

Avery had her newborn pictures taken today by non other than my friend Jes. I cannot wait to see them because we got some super cute poses and shots....they should be sweet. I had her take some with Avery and Kennedy together in matching outfits. I didn't actually have matching outfits, however, one of Kennedy's dresses had a matching baby doll outfit and Avery is so tiny that it fit her. I kid you not - they were a sight and I think the pictures will turn out darling. It's hard to believe that a little over a week ago we took my maternity pictures and today we were taking newborn pictures. Craziness!

Seven more weeks of leave left. Is it bad that I already get emotional when I even kind of think about going back to work? Lord, help me!

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  1. How terrible do I feel that I didn't realize it's been a week already until I read this!?!?!? NOT possible. There is just no way. A week?

    Those pics of Kennedy in her crib brought back interesting memories. :)

    Can't wait to see the newborn pics...why wouldn't the be precious? I mean you only have the two cutest little girls in the entire world!