Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I will survive

I think. At times, I'm ready to belt that Gloria Gaynor tune out like a pro and at others it's more like a question in my mind...will I really survive???? I'm pretty sure I will. I keep reminding myself that the days of little sleep and constant nursing will end before too long (as long as Avery continues to be different from her sister that is ;). I have the benefit of perspective on my side this time around.

We had a kind of rough weekend. At this point after talking to both my midwife and some friends I've chalked it up to a growth spurt (which apparently occurs for the first time between 7-10 days of age). Let me just tell you in lam ens terms what that means ~ your kiddo is constantly attached fearing that they just might STARVE if you even kind of think about momentarily detaching yourself for I don't know...a shower, a meal, etc. So...it was like a power nursing marathon around here all weekend and I'm not so sure we've reached the finish line but I think we're close. The unfortunate side affect of the increase in night nursing was lack of sleep and a temporary loss of sanity. Thankfully I feel a bit recuperated thanks to my hubby being super hands on helpful at night and of course due in part to the glorious side affect of some much needed shut eye.

Now for some pictures (um...pretty sure that's why family members are here). So without further ado:

Kennedy is still...ahem....adjusting. She is most intrigued by the baby "gadgets" if you will. She asks me about 10-12 times a day: "Momma, why don't we put baby Avery in her swing?". I also get "Momma...I think Avery wants to sit on her play mat or in her bouncy seat". Never mind if she's screaming or nursing - Kennedy's pretty sure she knows what baby sister needs. So..when Avery's content ,we've appeased Kennedy's desire to see her in said gadgets.
She woke up yesterday saying she didn't want to go to school so it was my first official day with both girls alone. We did a lot of this (except more accurately I would be nursing):
Kennedy makes sure to tell me when I need to make an adjustment because "shes just not comfortable". Oh my.....

Being home with both of them made me get a bit creative even just to get in the shower:
Survival mode! I only opened the shower curtain about 532.7 times to check on them. Kennedy would look at me and say "I'm not pushing her Momma, I'm being good". She was not telling a lie either - she was a very big helper while I showered at lightning speed.

Today I've been home alone with both girls again. To keep Kennedy a bit subdued until I had at least my first cup of coffee....this was the seen (sad but true).

That was short lived, my friends. It wasn't long before she needed a little activity in her life. When she appeared in the following outfit, I laughed out loud and asked her to please let me snap some pictures. The poses were created solely by her. She kept saying: "ok take one now...ok...let me see (cue repositioning)...ok take one now....ok....let me see". Wowsers!
Oh yeah...uninhibited raw talent people. Tee hee.

I was excited when it was time for Daddy to get home last night and I'm sure I will be tonight. This job is not for the faint (no matter the enjoyment - it's like a domestic workout of sorts). I mean I held Avery in the crook of my arm today and unloaded the dishwasher, worked 6 puzzles with Kennedy, wiped her poopy but (twice!), and fixed her lunch. At that point my arm and fingers were numb and I had to put her down long enough to regain feeling. She wasn't happy about it, but you gotta do what you gotta do. The girls get excited when Daddy gets home too. It's pretty sweet.
Um...can we talk about those sweet little fingers?

My friend Jes gave me my final maternity pictures last week and after asking her permission yesterday I'm excited to share a few here. It's hard to believe this was exactly 12 days ago.
The main things I told her I wanted were:
~Some really pretty silhouette pictures
~Some pictures that captured Kennedy's fascination with "the belly"
~Some pictures that showed us making light of us not knowing the sex of the baby

I'd say she more than delivered - wouldn't you? I just feel like she captured "us". Mmmmm....makes me happy! =)

I've got a few proofs of our shoot with Avery too but I'm gonna save those for later.


  1. NEW PICS! Makes my day. :)

    I LOVE the first one of you and Tim because it is such a natural expression for you both...it made me feel like I was listening to Tim tell some stupid joke that cracked himself up and you making that "yep, that's my man" face.

    And the one's of Kennedy on your belly...sooooo good!

    I loved them all!!!! She did a great job! Can't wait to see the ones of little Avery.

  2. I'm impressed! You're super-mom doing double duty!! I love those pictures of Tim holding Avery! So sweet:) I can't wait to get my hands on her again (when she isn't power nursing:)

  3. oh the pics are WONDERFUL!!! and the ones of Kennedy in her, ummm, outfit are pretty spectacular too!! Love the Boy? or Girl? pics too!!! So great! SEE YOU SOON!!!