Saturday, April 2, 2011

It has been a bit of a crazy week. I've been meaning to post ( every day) but you know: there's this little creature whose dependent on me for her food supply and kind of supersedes any plans I have on a daily basis.

Monday morning I went out for breakfast with Courtney and Tammy at The Coffee Pub (one of my favorite little Lexington breakfast joints). It's one of the few places you can get grits around here - cooked correctly. In true Southern fashion - I LOVE me some grits. So....we met up there for breakfast and it went pretty well (I had to feed Avery in the parking lot beforehand - you do what you gotta do) and Court and Tammy got them some baby lovin'.

Monday afternoon my sister, brother-in-law and nieces arrived. I'm so thankful that our girls have such a good time together. Although it was extremely difficult when they left on Thursday - we had a wonderful visit and they were a HUGE help while they were here. 

Monday evening we ate at Chick-fil-a to support a friend of mine who is planning a missions trip to Uganda. Chick-fil-a was donating a percentage of the proceeds to their fundraising efforts. Did you know that if kiddoes don't want their prize/toy that comes in their kids meals, they can exchange them for a vanilla cone? I didn't. My sister enlightened me. I'm fairly certain we'll never come home from there with a kids meal toy again!

Most of our time together was spent visiting and loving on Avery (truthfully). I tried to plan some special things for Big Sister too.

Tuesday Kennedy made her first trip to a roller skating rink. It was hilarious and brought up all kinds of cheesy middle school memories. Kennedy wasn't as into it as I thought she would be and it was more of a workout for me than I recall it being when I was young. Ha!

Wednesday we went bowling and I had a super awesome Groupon so it was cheap fun (which you can't beat with a stick).

Did y'all know that they made bowling shoes in this size? I didn't! So cute:

My sister taught me a thing or two here as well because I had no idea that aside from putting up the bumpers along the side of the lanes, they have this cool little tool to help "first timers" bowl.

Thank Heavens Avery was in good spirits because despite all the noise in the bowling alley - this is what she did almost the entire 10 frames:

Overall, the bowling trip was a successful one despite having to explain to Kennedy about 525 times why other people had turns to bowl before it was her turn again. Sheesh! I am so glad they got to come in and visit - it was really good for her. The only downside was that she asked me through tears yesterday as I attempted to care for her and Avery solo yesterday "why doesn't anyone want to play with me?". After I pulled the dagger from my heart, I explained to her that Mommy wanted to play with her but that her little sister needed to be fed too (all the while trying to practice deep breathing and reminding myself that this will get easier as time goes on). She was spoiled while they were here because she loves nothing more in life than playing with her cousins:

I'm glad that the feeling is mutual. I found this little note on Kennedy's dresser the afternoon that they all left to drive back to NC:

Thanks for coming you guys. I missed you the second you left. Love y'all!

Avery turned 4 weeks on Tuesday which means I am half way through my leave...gasp! Looking forward to my other two sisters and my mother in law coming in to visit.

Have a great weekend!


  1. You love grits too! Grits are my favorite breakfast food! So glad K had a great time with her cousins and got some good play time. Can't wait to see you all again!

  2. Looks like tons of fun was had by all! :) Glad Kennedy got some "me time" with her cousins... :)