Friday, April 15, 2011

I thought it was appropriate to open this posting with the following picture because I gotta tell ya: on the days when Avery has slept little and we've paced the floors a gajillion times in one day and I've nursed her every two hours ~ I look over and see this kind of thing on a regular basis and I envy them a bit.....oh to have their lives.....
Nana was in visiting last week. She came in on Wednesday and left on Friday. Although her visit was a short one - both girls soaked up every second and Tim and I were super thankful for her help.

Avery's umbilical stump finally fell off last week so she got her first big girl tub bath..unfortunately the change in scenery did not make her any more fond of bath time.
My sister Angel got in on Friday for a visit and we were so busy being as productive as possible that I didn't snap nearly as many pictures as I would have liked. I made sure to get one before church which actually worked out well because we literally lived in work out clothes and or pj's for her entire visit. Thanks for coming Angel - I'm so thankful for your all of your help and my stomach thanks you for all the delicious meals you cooked for us. Don't even get me started on my stocked freezer!
I momentarily forget at times that we are now a family of four, that is until I see pics like this one:
Auntie Angel Love
On Sunday after Kennedy woke up from her nap I took her out for some special one on one time. We went to the local nail salon to have pedicures. She's had one at a kiddie spa before but we've never gone together to a normal pedicure place like this. You would have thought she'd been a million times with how she acted. The nail technician was so tickled with her. I was too - I barely paid attention to my own pedicure because I enjoyed her reaction to hers so much.

She chose a base coat of purple with white polka dots on top, because...why not? She looked up at me on the way to the car afterwards and said "thanks Mommy for taking me to get my nails done". That's all I needed to hear. I have a feeling I'll be hearing that many times in the years to come!
Avery turned 6 weeks old on Tuesday and she's growing fast. She weighed 9 lbs and 2 ounces on Monday at her well check.
Her coloring has greatly improved more yellow baby!
While we were at the Doctors office for Avery's well check up I had the Dr. look Kennedy over too. She's been complaining pretty consistently about her stomach hurting. She's not had many
other symptoms so I honestly figured she was just using that as a way to get some extra TLC.
After the pediatrician palpated her abdomen he recommended we go get an X-ray. Really?! On one hand I thought he was being a bit extreme but on the other hand, she's always such a trooper that I thought maybe something really was wrong. They put her in a miniature hospital gown and this is what she did when I asked her to let me take a picture of her wearing it: 
Thank heavens for bloomers, right? I asked one more time and it improved a tad:
It turns out that Kennedy had not been listening to her body's normal cues (which is apparently super common in older siblings when babies are brought home because they don't want to miss anything - who knew?!?) therefore she's been put on a daily fiber and laxative regimen. Poor baby!

I was so thankful for Aunt Angel's help because Lord knows how I would have carried Avery around, helped Kennedy change clothes, get her up on the x-ray table and traipse up and down some stairs between Doctors offices with both of them in tow.
On Tuesday we drove to Newport, Kentucky to take Kennedy to the Newport Aquarium. I've been wanting to take her for a while now and since Angel could help me with Avery I figured it was a perfect time to go. Her favorite thing about the aquarium were the touch tanks.

Personally, I was a big fan of the awesome jellyfish exhibit. How cool is this?
Shark touch tank - BIG FUN!
I am happy to report that I am finally getting some big smiles out of Avery. It's so gratifying when they start to recognize you and respond to you! I've been trying to get her smiling on camera and finally caught a little one while Angel was holding her. So sweet!

Angel left yesterday afternoon. When we initially made plans for her visit she told me that she'd be willing to take Kennedy back with her afterwards to give Tim and I some time to just be with Avery. She said she would plan some special things for Kennedy and her cousin to do together and just have a big ole' time. I told her I would allow Kennedy to decide closer to time if she wanted to go or not and Kennedy decided she did want to go. So...I said goodbye to Angel and my big baby yesterday afternoon. Thank heavens for cell phones and Skype because I've had the "play by play" of their visit thus far and it makes it a tad easier to be away from her. I know she'll have a blast while she's there!

My sister Melissa flew in this evening. She's getting her full dose of "baby lovin'" as I type. She will be our last visitor and I'm already sad about that. I'm going to try to soak up our time together and take full advantage of the help she's here to offer.

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