Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Things

I tried Zumba last night for the first time. It is through a local church and last night was "Cosmic Zumba Night". Participants could either pay $5 or donate 5 cans of food for a food drive to gain entry into class. They encouraged everyone to wear white as well so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Well....let me just tell you that it WAS NOT what I expected AT ALL! I was expecting some 1980 style aerobics class with a Jane Fonda/Choir Lady look alike instructor. Instead the instructor looked like Madonna (she took Cosmic and white to a whole new level sporting a lace top, body glitter and a high ponytail) and shook her hips like Shakira...seriously. It was shocking truthfully, but in a good way. There were disco lights, light up glow in the dark necklaces and a bunch of bodies shining in the black lights!

Women were pouring in all entrances to this church at "go time" so beforehand I was thinking two things: either it's super fun or it burns a boatload of calories. I'm happy to report both are correct! It was super fun and I was SWEATIN'!

Women of all shapes, sizes, ages and colors filled the gym. There were even some guys (crickets....I know ;). Some were coordinated and some were, well - NOT. It was some prime people watching but I feel certain that's just not Christian...I mean I was in a church for Pete's sake but couldn't help staring at all the people. It's hard not to watch who is in front of you, can I get an amen ladies? The girl in the row ahead of me and a bit to my left looked like she drank 5 hour energy before she came and it was making my eyes hurt - for reals. Just being honest! Then, there were some women (of color lets just say) who looked like they were quadruple jointed up and to my right. I was kinda jealous of them truth be told. There were also women my Mom's age and I was IMPRESSED with their effort, attitude and moves. So funny! The instructor stands up on a stage but there are SO MANY people there that I could only hear her and see her upper body so I had to watch others around me to figure out what my lower half was supposed to be doing besides gyrating and shaking like crazy. I told Tim last night it's kinda like a club except without the explicit song lyrics and alcohol. Ha! It's mostly Latin inspired music and moves but regardless of it all I got a great workout, laughed a ton and was surprised when it had been an hour (really?!?). I will definitely be back.

On a totally different note, I am officially a week away from returning to work and although my baby is the sweetest thing ever...she doesn't sleep well (during the day that is). I feel as though she needs to have some semblance of routine before I thrust her into the arms of another caretaker. I mean...who wants a confused and tired baby, right? Not I said the fly!

So...I got out my old books (Happiest Baby on the Block, Baby Whisperer, and Babywise). It has called for refreshing of "sleep training" and we are officially underway. I have two words to describe this process: not fun. We were already doing the E.A.S.Y routine and I felt like we had that pretty down pat...but she only S's for about 30-45 minutes and it's a fitful S, not a peaceful one. So she wakes up from her naps with heavy eyelids and falls asleep while she's nursing. Enter the letting her cry a least favorite part. I feel it's necessary to her learning to fall asleep on her own though. I mean - she won't be getting individual attention 24/7 so rocking and walking until she falls asleep is pretty out of the question. I just wish it were easier! I've had to sit on the patio for some of it because I just can't stand to hear her cry...even for 5 minutes! I keep reminding myself I'm setting her up for sleep success...I know that sounds totally cliche but it's true. It's a necessary thing that will be good for her, I just wish I could explain it to her!

In my refreshing I found this cool blog to further refresh my memory in the "what if's" department and it has been helpful. Janine told me about another website that has been a great resource in some of my WHAT?!! moments.

Oh..if only they came with handbooks, right?

On another note, her disposition when she is awake and has succumbed to the nap has been utterly pleasant...see (excuse the snapping - I was trying to get my dog to stop chewing on her bone long enough to record Avery cooing but I'm pretty sure you can still hear it):


  1. OH MY GOSH she is so cute!!!!!! And Zumba IS amazing!! I wish we had a set up like that here in the big town of Benton. I went to one class and there were three of us: me, Stacey, and some other chick who I swear was high or drunk. Nonetheless we had a blast! Not good after refried beans you can imagine me! :) (And I was pregnant! ha!) Miss you!

  2. Oh how precious it that baby???? In a week she will be the same age as when I met Kennedy and fell madly in love! Crazy now you have number 2 at that stage.

  3. So sweet! I can't wait to get my hands on her on Sunday!!