Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

It's been a busy past few days. We went to pick Kennedy up from WV on Thursday evening once Tim got off of work. Avery slept the whole way there (can I get a hallelujah?). Traveling with a screaming infant would not have been fun! Kennedy was out swinging with her Nana when we pulled into the drive but Nana got her out in time for her to run to me and give me a great big hug right after I got out of the car. Man, I missed her and clearly she missed us too. Her Auntie Angel had provided such a fun week away I was a smidgen worried she might be like "oh, hey Mom - I'm happy to see you but uh...can I go back to Aunt Angels now?" Thankfully that wasn't the case. She's been super affectionate both physically and verbally since we've been back together. It was nice to have time alone with Avery but Tim and I were really missing Kennedy and it just feels "right" now that we are all back home together.

 Avery has started really smiling and responding when you talk to her and Tim's parents got lots of smiled while we were there:

Friday we went and saw Tim's Great Aunt Katherine in the assisted living facility near his parents and we spent some time with his Grandma as well. They were grateful to meet and spend some time with baby Avery. I got some pictures but "big sister" was totally not about the assisted living facility...(other than sprinting up and down the halls anyways...hi, kind of a hazard where senior citizens are concerned!) and therefore made picture taking virtually impossible.

You like Kennedy's expression in the above pic, don't ya? She's such a turkey!

Friday afternoon we drove back in time to go to the Good Friday service at our church. This time both girls slept the entire way home (Praise the Lord for good little travelers). We basically got here in time for Tim to unpack the car while I fed Avery and then it we loaded right back up to make it to church in time. Whew!

Saturday we went to an Easter egg hunt and Kennedy sported some cute little bunny ears from Abby and Jonathan.

Instead of doing the traditional Easter Sunday thing like usual we went to our Easter service on Saturday night. We had invited some friends over for lunch Sunday and figured going to our church's Saturday night service would give us some more "prep" time. It was a good service. Tim and I took turns walking the hallways with Avery at the end because she woke up and was fussing but it was still nice.

 Elizabeth and Justin came to the Saturday night service too and since Kennedy and Matthew are such buds I wanted a picture of them in their Easter best. When I told Kennedy to go stand by Matthew so I could snap a picture, this is the position she assumed (the holding hand thing...all her!):

 Immediately after our quick impromptu picture session, immense laughter ensued. About what? I'm not certain but these two sure thought it was funny....whatever "it" was.

The Easter Bunny came to the Taylor household overnight (of course) and Kennedy was most inquisitive about "how exactly" he came. She wanted to know if he came into her room and why she didn't see him. So funny! Between the egg hunt yesterday, the items the bunny left here as well as the items the Easter bunny apparently left in Pennsylvania with Chelsea who then mailed them on to her...she fared pretty well. She's loved!

I really wanted the girls to have matching Easter dresses, but I wasn't really about spending my life savings in order to make that happen. I found these two at Gap on sale and I think they turned out pretty cute. We got dressed up for hosting Easter lunch at our house today and I took a few pics of Kennedy and Avery before everyone arrived. More pics of that gathering to come later. 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter with family and or friends. Mostly, I hope everyone has had a chance to remember the sacrifice that was made for us on this holiday so long ago. Because I'm such a praise and worship junkie (because I am for those that don't know) I'm going to end this post with some songs that make me think of and be thankful for what Jesus has done for us all. The last song/performance is something I saw for the first time linked through another will blow you away!

I think it is so very cool that this was performed at some sort of celebration for women in country music but it ended up being the stand out performance of the evening. I've watched it like three good. I'm out on that note...


  1. It was so nice to meet you in person on Saturday! I need you to give me a lesson on the Moby wrap! I bought one to use with Miles, but half the time I can't get it on tight enough. I watched all the you tube videos, but still can't get him in there where he feels secure. I'm beginning to think there's something wrong with me. haha!

    Have a blessed week!

  2. Just came across your blog... you have a beautiful family and I love your about me! Loving your blog:)