Tuesday, January 26, 2010

La La La La

My little one loves to sing. Recently we have gotten some video of her displaying her love of song. In this clip she is singing the alphabet song - Super Why style. Enjoy!

I have Alpha Pig to thank for teaching my daughter that incredible rendition of the Alphabet Song. We like to keep it real around here. Thanks Alpha Pig!

Can't you just hear him reply: "your welcome Ma'am - I do what I can to enrich children's minds". Ha!

The other song she has been singing a lot of is a song she has learned from the Leap Frog Movie "The Letter Factory".
She has been walking around the house singing "the S says sssssssss, the S says ssssssssssssssss, every letter makes a sound the S says ssssssssss and on and on it goes with each letter of the alphabet. You can pretty much ask her what each letter says and she can tell you. She can even pick letters out of a group now too. Whoever said all TV was bad clearly didn't own this dvd. I think it's amazing what it's taught her.


  1. These clips are precious! She's such a smart little girl!

  2. Oh my goodness. K is just too cute and smart. I love it!

  3. How about a shout out to the awesome Nanny she had for a year and a half that sang the alphabet to her?? hahaha She is brilliant...not shocked at all! I always said she was gifted...duh.

  4. So Smart!!! But of course, why would anyone think anything different? :)

  5. Oh how we love our "Kennedy tv!" A lovely last stop before turning in here in VA. Sweet cousin love abounds..."Isn't there any more Kennedy TV, mommy?"