Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It happens.....when you least expect it

So you know how when you were in middle school your parents were like the uncoolest people EVER? You know how they would do stuff and you would think - I will NEVER do that, I will never be like that. For example,

I remember it used to drive me INSANE that my Mom would listen to WKCL non stop in her car. As if it wasn't bad enough (or so I thought back then) that we had to listen to that radio station 24/7, it was accompanied with her vibrato soprano aka "choir voice" as I affectionately refer to it as. If Id change the radio station to anything, (like oldies for example) she'd be like "Lindsy Kay turn that stuff off, my ears just can't handle it - it's too much". She would react like it was heavy metal for crying out loud. It literally drove me nuts. I was your typical teenager and we would agree to listen to no radio at all since we couldn't agree on a station. Ha! Makes me snicker now.

I also remember that whenever we would travel, my Mom would read the ENTIRE trip. Seriously! Like - no talking, just reading, reading and more reading. I used to think she'd rather read than ANYTHING else. Even if people were playing a game - she'd rather read. I used to think it looked so boring and just frankly didn't understand it.

Lastly, on Christmas Day growing up when we would open presents she would get these funny looks on her face at random moments and we (my sisters and I) would automatically know - she's forgot something somewhere. It's like seeing a specific present would remind her that she'd forgotten an accompanying present somewhere. Somewhere indeed - she rarely could remember where. It could be hours later on in the day before she would remember and go looking for it. It was just the normal thing for us but when my sister Catina got married and Kevin joined us for holidays I remember him thinking it was hysterical that she would actually forget stuff and not remember where she'd put it. It just makes me laugh. So my Mother.

There are so many, many, many more things that I could tell you about my Mom that are her own little "quirks" that just tickle me but those things above - sadly bring me to the following point:

It happens when you least expect it - I am convinced we all turn in to our Mothers at some point - it's only a matter of time and I am here to tell you, I have officially turned.

I pretty much solely listen to either Air 1 or KLove while driving in my car. I belt it out too y'all. I figure - what the heck it's just me and Jesus! I like to tell myself it is not a "choir voice", however, if my daughter could articulate that - she may beg to differ. When I picked her up from daycare yesterday and we got in the car I had forgotten that before getting out of the car Brandon Heath and I had been singing an incredible duet right before I killed the engine. Needless to say the volume was turned up way louder than when it's she and I in the car and she said "Mommy, LOUD!" I replied "I know, Mommy was singing to Jesus" and then I thought - Oh my word did I just sound like my Mom or did I just sound like my Mom. It made me smile as we were driving out of the parking lot though. Turning into your Mom's not such a bad thing in this sense, huh?

I also read whenever I get the chance. My friend Abby has largely contributed to my reading selection since getting married. I love Karen Kingsbury and Kristen Billerbeck for Christian Fiction but my most sought after books and the ones you see my nose in most often are self-help books. It can be instructional on how to be a better Mom, a better runner, how to have a more cohesive Veterinary staff, how to be a more efficient cook, etc - I just can't get enough! I especially like Christian self-help books (or so I call them). They aren't necessarily devotionals or fiction but more or less about how certain Christians "do life", you know? Like - The Five Love Languages, The Birth Order Book, Feathers from My Nest, The Power of a Praying Wife, Blue Like Play Dough to mention some of my most recent and poignant books of this nature. The one I am reading now is AHHHMAZING - more on that later. Anyways - there are times (often) when I think "I wish I was just anywhere right now with a good book".

Lastly, Tim's parents had been in a few weeks before Christmas and since we were going to be going through WV on our way to NC for the holidays I sent some of our presents with them so we would have less of a load when we packed up. She was generous enough to wrap and label some of the presents I sent with her...because she's just that nice to be quite honest. I had taken care not to send them with any of their items because non of them were wrapped. Whenever we exchanged stockings between the four of us and they started to unload their stockings I thought "hmmm that item he just opened should have been in her stocking and that item she just opened should have been in his". There weren't one or two things in the wrong stocking - more like three or four. Embarrassing? Yes! I had to laugh though - I said "that is so something my Mom would have done - I came by it naturally". As if that wasn't proof enough that I was on my way to a complete turn into my Mother's "Christmas behavior" we'll call it - after we had finished with stockings and presents I started to look through the items she had wrapped for me and there in the bag was a little package labeled "spatula". Aha! "There is your other stocking item - you wrapped one of your own stocking stuffers". Ha Ha Ha!

So ladies - if it hasn't happened will happen when you least expect it!


  1. LOL! I love it! That whole Christmas thing? um yeah. That's the big joke in our family. My mom always forgets to label a present and gets this look on her face like...I'm not sure who it goes to. Then after we've opened presents she goes to her room and looks under the bed or in the closet and usually comes up with something that she had forgotten. So funny! That's what memories are made of:)

  2. I love this blog, Lindsy! So introspective and true. I find so many things that I do like my mom and it scares me! I always thought I was my own person...guess not 100%!

    I once reminded my mom of one of the presents she'd forgotten...I only knew b/c I was quite the gift detective in my day and knew everything I should be getting for Christmas! (I didn't ever do that again tho--it ruined Christmas!)