Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Fun!!

The snow is still around but it's melting. I finally convinced Kennedy to get out and play in it today and oh my what fun we had.

Most of our fun was caught on video:
First off - Kennedy wanted to eat snow more than anything else. *Please excuse our dogs which happen to sound rabid in this clip - they are enjoying the snow a little too much!

Notice how she uses her tongue to ensure EVERY last snowflake gets in her mouth.

Who needs to play when there is clearly so much snow to be eaten?! Ha!

Maybe there was a little time for play (as long as it included dumping snow down daddy's shirt). Ha Ha Ha!

And we ended our fun afternoon out with making snow angels.

We had a good weekend. We took the next step with our new church and became members yesterday. We are finding lots of areas to be involved and feel a part and it's a really cool thing.
Courtney and I got in two runs which was SO super nice since Tim was gone all last week and I had been without a run. I feel like a different person when I can get those in - truly, I do. We got to try out our yaktrax on Saturday and for anyone dealing with snow right now - I highly recommend them. Today was pretty clear although still very chilly. Brrrrr!


  1. OH.MY.WORD. Those videos were precious! I was laughing out loud. I love how she got in to throwing snowballs:) SOO cute!

    I'd never heard of those Yaktrax things! How cool. I saw on John's site that you can put screws into your shoes for traction but I wouldn't want to ruin a pair of shoes that way. If this snow keeps up, I may need some yaktrax though! :)

  2. I hope you taught her not to eat the yellow snow! ;) You all got a BUNCH of snow! :) So neat for K to see. And she obviously was so in love with cute. I love that she's wearing snow pants...I wouldn't even think to have something like that lying around. Do you have snow pants on too?? Cute vids, linds :)

  3. Oh Lindsy... Kennedy is SO precious. I loved those videos and I just wanted to eat her up. I was relieved to see the snow she was eating was from the swing and not from the ground... just in case ;-)

    I was also shocked at how much snow you had. It's I think more than we have up in Toronto!