Friday, January 8, 2010

Dinner with my best buddy

Tim has been out of town this week so it's just been me and my sweet pea hanging out together each night. We got a "winter storm" (according to the news) which = some snow. 2.7 inches to be exact. I love the snow because I grew up in SC where snow NEVER happened but I hate the way everything comes to a screeching halt when it snows. Everything is on a delay - like daycare (which is why I am typing this post right now). Anyhow - here is a look out our back window after the snow had stopped yesterday afternoon. So pretty! I just knew Kennedy would want to get all geared up and go play in it, but I was wrong - she wasn't interested in the least. You never know!

She was content to stay inside and play with her new flashlight from Nana. It makes a shadow of Tinkerbell on the wall and folks - it's big time entertainment in this house.
Speaking of Nana - she was going to come into town today to keep Kennedy for us tomorrow while we went to the 1st membership class at our new church. Because of the "winter storm" she won't be able to come. WV actually got a winter storm - they were expecting 6 inches. Anyhow - I was planning to make some pizzas for us tonight but since I knew she wasn't coming I decided to make one for Kennedy and myself last night. I started with one of those boxed pizzas that you can buy in the deli section. I had no idea until this week that those pizzas are cheaper than the ones in the freezer section - what?!?! Who knew?

Then I added some spinach, because it's good to get it in when you can (especially with a toddler).

I also added some pepperoni. My sister got me hooked on Boars Head deli pepperoni while I was there over Christmas. I typically buy turkey pepperoni but almost all turkey products have seriously high sodium content. Almost all nutrition gurus will tell you regular bacon is better than turkey bacon because of it. I figure pepperoni is possibly the same, plus turkey pepperoni is insanely spicy. This Boars Head pepperoni is DELICIOUS! Seriously - it's so good. You just have them slice it for you in the deli like you would sandwich meat. It was on sale this week too! Behold...the pepperoni:

Then I added a little more cheese to hold it all down before baking as the box instructed.

How yummy does this look?? MMMMMMM.......

Then my little buddy and I got all set up in the comfy living room for some pizza together. She loves this little table my sister got her for her birthday. It's just her height. Don't miss her fancy Starbucks cup Chelsea's sister Rhylie got her too - she LOVES it. We watched cartoons and ate our yummy pizza. I highly recommend you try it when you need a quick and easy meal! Although we miss Tim, I cherish all our little sweet moments like this one together.

Don't you like her clenched jaw expression? This is what I get from her when I say "say cheese honey!". Too funny.


  1. Ooooh I missed some yummy lookin' pizza. And I missed my girls. I am sick that I can't come and be with ya all. I do like being shut in with beautiful snow outside up here on this hill.

  2. That looks delicious! I didn't know you could get pepperoni sliced in the deli! I must live under a rock:) I'll be trying that next time:) I'm so surprised that K wasn't all into the snow. I figured she'd love it:) She just wanted to spend a cozy night indoors with her mommy:)

  3. I remember nights like this with my mom when I was little. Keep this up, she will look back and cherish these moments as an adult. It was such a treat to have girls night and eat together in the LIVINGROOM!! :) (we never did that!) So cute :) And the pizza looks yummy! Love you

  4. Your pizza looked delish! Love the new flashlight too. Is Kennedy an "indoor girl"? lol I don't blame her for not wanting to go out in that cold ;-)