Sunday, January 3, 2010

Say it ain't so Installment Numero Uno

It is always hard to come back home after time with family. This time is no different. I feel blessed that we had the break we had and we had such a great time but it's just never long enough. Here is our holiday in review (via pictures).

First stop - Christmas with the Taylors in West Virginia. It was so neat experiencing Kennedy really be excited about present opening. We only got one night and Christmas Eve morning/afternoon with them sadly. We had planned to go back through on our way home, but plans changed. More about that later.We had a good time visiting with them, opening gifts (we finally got a GPS - hallelujah), sitting by the fire and sharing a good breakfast and lunch before heading to NC.

We are now the proud new owners of a 96 Buick Century. Isn't she a beauty? Seriously - I can't even remember the last time I saw a classic like this on the road! Everyone is all newer and bigger is better these days it seems. Well consider yourself forewarned- when you see this pimped out ride coming down the road - it's highly likely the Taylor clan is inside. She only has @ 30,000 miles on her and she was a whopping $1,500.00. You can't beat that any way you look at it folks. This car belonged to Tims Great Aunt Kathryn but since she no longer drives she planned to sell it and we got first dibs. Whaddya think? Tim will start driving her tomorrow (I guess I need a name for her huh?)

We spent the majority of the holiday at my sister Catina's house. The girls had so much fun playing together. One of the days was nice enough to go to the park and they had a blast.

Putting out reindeer food on Christmas Eve night. Apparently feeding the reindeer is just as important as feeding Santa. Who knew? Thank goodness for my uber crafty/super-mommy sisters or my little one would never experience such an exciting event.

Playing with fun and exciting new toys. This little princes blow dryer actually makes noise and it was quite the hit with not only Kennedy but my nieces too. Thank you Disney store!

Spending time with my nieces - they change so fast and the time is in one word Precious!

We love having a Christmas Birthday in the family. Catherine is 9 and I can hardly believe it! Seriously: how cool would it be to share a birthday with Jesus?!

This is a little trick Kennedy has obviously learned from her Daddy and I. This was the first time I had seen her do it and thought it was funny enough to snap a picture. They are like little sponges - they pick up good habits and not so good ones (like this one). Way to savor every last bit of that cereal milk girl - Mommy is proud. He he.

I love that we got to really relax over our break and make some sweet family memories.

More pictures to come in future installments. I took over 500 pictures people. Sadly - I am not kidding.


  1. I'm so glad you guys had such a great trip and spent quality time with family! Yay for the GPS :) And seriously? your new car is so funny! My first car was an older Buick Centry than that and it looked mighty close to that one...same color too! can always pack a ton of people in those things! That was always a positive of driving one in high school. So funny tho! Can't wait to see Tim drive it:)

  2. Nice ride, momma! :) Hehe...I think you should name her Betsy. Gives it a fun, flirty, yet sophisticated feel. Yes, she knows she's a boat, but she can swing into that parking space with the flare and finesse of a Mazda Miata! :) Hahaa LOVE IT!
    AND is that Ann Hensley??! She has gotten so tall! (I am sure I spelled her name wrong, don't be mad, Angel....please!).
    HECK YEA, K, with the milk! What poise she has with that cereal bowl. I am truly impressed, as this is a trick I also enjoy but tend to make a mess even at my ripe age!
    So glad you all got to enjoy yourselves with a nice long holiday Vacation. These things are definitely not to be taken for granted, as you know. I love you!