Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Themes + cooking - what's better?

Our church has small groups that meet weekly called Activate groups. Tim and I joined one shortly after we started attending Southern Acres, but each semester you can sign up for different ones and that way you can meet more people and develop community. So...we are in our second Activate group and we meet on Tuesday nights. So far we are really enjoying our group.

Anyhow - each week instead of the hostess's being responsible for providing food there is a theme for the week and everyone brings a dish. People - I LOVE a theme. Oh my word, how I love a theme.

Last week was Mexican night and the possibilities seemed endless really. I am a serious Mexican food junkie so I wasn't really sure what I would make until a few days after the "Mexican theme" announcement I saw
this recipe and I knew - it was the one.
The Yummy Ingredients:

This directions in this recipe call for the use of a food processor. Problem was: I didn't have one. Silver lining - I have a super good friend who got a fancy schmancy one for Christmas and I knew she'd be nice enough to let me use it. That's when you know it's a good friend - when they'll let you use something they've not had long themselves. Thanks Courtney - couldn't have made it without your awesome Christmas gift. I am totally convinced now that I NEED one! I present...the Mother of all food processors (don't be jealous girls....Court cooks quite a bit - she deserves it!).

The final product - doesn't it make your mouth water. It was delicious!

The mess it leaves after making - not so delicious. Oh well - part of it, right?

This week's theme was breakfast and I made these tasty little treats. They received rave reviews and they were pretty darn easy. Next weeks theme - Italian. I am drawing a blank, though I am sure Pioneer Woman can fill it. Anyone have any good Italian recipes? Like I said, I love a theme.


  1. My mouth really did water when I looked at that salsa! Yummy! I like you doing theme nights on Tuesday too! That way we get leftovers on Wed for Bible study:) hehe!

  2. OK, seriously, sister. You are a blog enabler, but courtesy of this really fab salsa recipe - methinks you're only spreading the love! MMMMMMM.