Thursday, February 25, 2010


As I stated in my last post about my celebrations didn't end just because my birthday was past. Abby, Billie, Courtney and I went out to Saul Good on Monday evening after we all got off work work to have dinner. Of course, as usual - the food was delicious. The food there never disappoints. Their dessert is even better. It was so nice just to be out with friends - laughing and talking and just being together. Abby had worked all day, Billie had worked all day and had a commute involved in her work-day not to mention she came straight to the restaraunt and hadn't even been home to see Eli, and Courtney had worked all day and has a drive to get back home from Lexington. I just felt honored that the three of them would prioritize celebrating my birthday the way they did. Thanks girls  - it really meant alot! They even bought my meal - so generous! Here are some pictures of our evening out.
In Abby's post she referenced the cute exterior of the awning so I thought I'd throw in this pic.
Thanks to the stealthiness of my friends - the wait staff surprised me with this yummy treat!
Here we all are. The night out was so fun and as if their time away from their families and the gift of the delicious meal wasn't enough - they brought presents. Seriously!

Abby gave me this really cool calendar from this website and I LOVE IT! It is so me - it's colorful, it provides organizations AND it has a picture of our family. It's a complete and total package of my favorite things. Awesome gift! Here is a picture of it: cute is that? I know - so cute!

Billie gave me a gift certificate to this website and I can't wait to pick out a little something. The possibilities are endless. Ha!

Thanks for such special gifts y'all - so thoughtful!

Janine and Josh are coming this weekend to round out my birthday. Aren't I a lucky girl. I am tellin' you I feel blessed in a big way. We are going to have dinner at a new place and I am pumped. I have heard incredible things about it so I am really looking forward to it. Thanks to Sara Beth for being willing to come and watch my sweet baby so we friends can have some time away to socialize and have fun!

ps - can't wait to see Janine's little pregger belly and talk to Keagan for the first time. Heeeeee

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