Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Weekend

It's been a good weekend. Friday evening we ordered pizza (seriously - what's easier and better at the end of the week) and then played Qwirkle with Tim's Mom. Saturday was a busy day - Tim took Kennedy to a party at the Lexington Humane Society while I kept baby Eli so Billie and Derek could have a Valentine's date. How cool is a Humane Society party? Kennedy and her friends apparently had lots of fun seeing and learning about the shelter animals. It was so fun having a baby in the house and he just cooed and gurgled and I loved every minute of it!

Seriously - the butt couldn't be any cuter!

After Billie and Derek picked up Eli, Tim and I headed to drop Kennedy off a the church. Our youth group was offering child care for $3/hour to raise money for their upcoming trip. Let me just tell you how exciting that is seeing as how we don't really have a regular baby sitter - mainly because we can't afford one! We went to Qdoba and then to see the movie Valentine's Day. The theater was crazy packed and the staff had to walk around and ask people to move to make more seating room - INSANE! Today we went to church and then Kennedy and I made a heart shaped strawberry cake for Daddy. She's such a good little kitchen helper. We ordered take-out tonight from Red Robin and as usual it was Yuuuuuummmmm. Everyday when Kennedy gets home I ask her how her day was and then I ask her "what did you do today". The only answer I ever get is "I played with Play Doh". So...naturally since she has such a fondness for Play Doh, Tim and I gave her a Play Doh stamp set as her Valentine's present - she was most pleased with our selection.


  1. Oh so Cute!!! I love the Family Valentine's Day celebrations! Sweet. :) When I talked to you yesterday I forgot it was even V-day so I didn't even go there (so sorry!) soooo.....HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

  2. K is so cute being a little helper! OMW how cute is little Eli in that video. He's getting to be such a big boy. Such a sweetie:)

  3. Eli is such a cutie. He is growing up so fast.
    Kennedy is becoming quite the kitchen helper. I love the valentine cake.

  4. Lindsy - My mom always used to leave us kids valentine's presents on our breakfast plates...we would have loved playdough, I'm sure! Your kids are adorable! It's been fun to visit your blog. Can you sen me your address and I'll get you locked in for the My Bangs Look Good Blog Tour? Just send your address to Have a fantastic day! Sue