Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Even as I type it I cannot believe I am thirty. It's not like I am depressed or sad or anything like that - it's just that I can't believe I'm there. I don't feel 30. I still feel like a girl just out of college trying to find her way/place. It's still a lot to grasp most days that Tim and I have a kid and now I am a 30 year old with a kid. Ha! Maybe that's what happens when you are the baby of 4 girls...maybe you just eternally feel like "the baby". I like to think this is going to be the beginning of something great...you know...being in my 30's. We'll see. Only time will tell. I have been thinking about 30 - about what I think should come in my 30's, what I want to come in my 30's, etc. I have come up with a little "wish list" (if you will) of what I hope to do/accomplish in this next stage :
  • spend more time in the word - not just reading but pulling it apart and really comprehending it - really understanding our heavenly Father's love for us as his children
  • placing an even greater importance on relationships - not just with friends but with those who I come in contact with daily who may not be "friends" (yet)
  • adding to the Taylor clan (pretty sure no explanation is needed here). I can't believe my baby will be three in September!!!!!!!
  • growing to be more comfortable in my own skin - not just physically but with the gifts I have been given, not desiring for other things, etc.
  • to build on what I have learned thus far about marriage - to continue to work on our relationship and never grow tired in that effort
I think thats a good start, don't you? I am getting tired just reading back over it. Hee hee. It will be cool to reflect back on this at some point and remind myself of the goals I set.

I had some really special people do some really special things for me in honor of my birthday. The celebration began on Friday when my sweet staff (accompanied by Laura - Will's wife) ordered out Penn Station and Janet made me a cake. I seriously wish I had a picture of that cake y'all - it straight up looked like a big fat Little Debbie swiss cake roll. It tasted even better! So good. Friday night we met Jess, Abby and Jonathan at Chick-fil-a to help support Southlands youth group who will be going on a missions trip to Jamaica soon. They got a portion of the proceeds. Kennedy wore herself out on the play set while we girls chatted the night way. We practically closed Chick-fil-a down. Hey - when you're 30 your Friday nights are pretty exciting!

Saturday morning I went for a long run with Courtney. Despite feeling crummy she's such an awesome friend that she made muffins and sent me home with a container full of them. They were so delicious. I can't really describe them and do them justice but they were nice and moist with whole blueberries in them and had a crunchy cinnamon and sugary mixture on the top - ahhhmazing. After helping myself to three of those I read all my cards and opened my gift from Tim. He gave me three books I had really been wanting and two of them are for us to do a join study which really excites me. Go hubby! The cards I got this year were hilarious - I would relay but it would be one of those "you had to be there things". 

Saturday afternoon and evening I scrapbooked with Laura, the kids played and Tim and Will watched UK play. I know it may not seem so exciting to scrapbook but it's something I love and rarely have time for so it actually was a nice little birthday treat.

Sunday I went to church and got a really incredible gift from Elizabeth - she and Justin decided to attend church with Tim and I. She's been wanting to get into a church for a while now but something has kind of always been in the way and we've been dying for them to come try our church because we love it so much and have grown to really feel at home there. After much asking she and Justin decided to come this past Sunday and seriously she couldn't have given me a better thing for my birthday. It was awesome to have a friend there with me and Matthew (Elizabeth's son) had so much fun. Kennedy and he wanted to hold hands and didn't want us helping them to and fro. They danced and clapped during Kidstuf and just seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. It really made my heart happy. I hope they come again soon!

Just because the weekend ended didn't mean the celebrating did (I am so blessed) - more on that to come.


  1. Happy Birthday, My friend! I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday weekend and we will see you on Saturday to finish out your birthday week!
    So glad the Banks got to join y'all for church. I know that is a blessing to you, but I know it is a blessing to all 4 of them as well.
    Have a great few days, give K a big hug for me, and see you on Saturday!

  2. YAY for a very Happy 30th Birthday!

  3. Sounds like full and wonderful birthday celebration(s) were in store for you. You are amazing! We love you.