Thursday, March 4, 2010

All good things must come to an end......unfortunately.

I promise this will be the final installment in my series of birthday postings. Ha! My best friend Janine was here this past weekend with her hubby Josh and her "child" Oscar. They didn't arrive until late Friday night so we saw them first on Saturday morning. We had a big yummy breakfast and then Janine and I had big plans to shop until we dropped - literally. She is preggers but lives in the middle of nowhere with no access to maternity clothing of any kind. A girl needs cute maternity clothes to feel good in when her regular wardrobe can't keep up with how quickly the baby is taking over her body: right ladies? So we went everywhere maternity clothes may be in Lexington. I am happy to report that she got some great deals and some really cute things. I hope she's looking forward to rocking her new attire ~ I can't wait to see pictures of her in it all! I just enjoyed seeing her cute little belly in all kinds of cute clothes.

After our full day of shopping, Sara Beth came over to keep Kennedy so that the adults could go out to dinner. We had reservations at Bakers 360. It was so ahhhmazing I can't even describe. So delicious! Great views, really neat decor and the food was perfecto. I had a NY Strip, asparagus, and 5 cheese macaroni and cheese. So incredibly tasty! Janine made sure to tell them ahead of time that it was my bday (because she's thoughtful like that) and they served me my choice of all kinds of dessert. I chose a cheesecake with yummy drizzled sauce all over it. Mmmmm. After dinner we came back to the house and just relaxed and watched some Olympics. was time to break into the real birthday cake. Janine made me a red velvet cake. Basically after that yummy treat we were all so stuffed we esentially passed out. So sad! What are you gonna do with a 30 year old and a pregger who have been on their feet all day then stuffed themselves full? Put us to bed! Ha ha.

I got this shirt during our day of shopping. I had a $15 Ann Taylor gift card and it was on sale for $24.00. Tim basically said he wasn't fond of it and Josh kept calling it my corsage. Way to make a 30 year old feel special at her bday event guys! Good thing I like it and didn't really care what they thought, huh?

The Owens Family

It's too bad you can't see the awesome view out our window - this restaraunt sits on the 15th floor of a high rise and we could see straight down and out of our window - it was pretty!
Sadly this is the best picture I have of Neenie's pregnant belly. If you can't really see it - my right boob is basically sitting on it. We were joking about how we were introducing Keagen to boobs early on in life. Ha!

This was the yummy dessert they brought for my bday. We shared it and thank heavens since we basically chased it with red velvetcake.

On Sunday we ran some errands and had lunch at Calistoga before they hit the road to head back to Murray. I was really sad when they left just because we miss them so much but I am so thankful they took the time to drive up here and celebrate my birthday. Love you guys!


  1. Oh and it was amazingly fun, amazingly yummy, and just pretty much amazing!! I loved the shirt--those stupid boys don't know a hot outfit when they see one!!!! Glad we could round out your birthday!!!

  2. Sounds like fun! And I love the shirt! Don't listen to the boys!