Monday, March 29, 2010

Star of the week and some other random bits

Kennedy has been attending a new school since December and I absolutely love it. Her teacher has been in that classroom for a long time and I just have felt really comfortable since day one. When you are a parent, that feeling is invaluable - to know your baby is being taken good care of while you are away.
Anyhow in her classroom they have themes each week. For example: the theme for circle times in the month of March related to transportation - trains, planes, cars and trucks and in December each week related to Christmas in some way. Each week, in addition to a weekly theme, there is a "star of the class". The star of the class gets to be the line leader, teachers helper and they get to bring a special snack to share with friends. Last week Kennedy was the star of the week. We really hyped up how special that was to her and got her involved in the making of said special snacks. So...we made Easter egg jello jigglers on Tuesday and cheesecake Easter baskets on Thursday. We had a lot of fun making them and according to Mrs. Johnda they were a big hit with class friends too.

Big Helper

Drumroll please......the finished product:
Every good cook knows they need to taste test their delicacies:
The cook was pleased with her creation....clearly:

The next snack was a tad more involved so she helped me make the little cheesecakes but the remainder of the process was completed while she was still sleeping the next morning. How cute did they turn out though? Seriously!

I can't explain why this picture is uploading sideways, but you get the picture, right? I hope so!

Apparently being star of the week can wear a girl slap out. Her teachers snapped this after the cheesecake Easter basket snack. So stinkin' sweet. Those of you who are close to me note that she is without pacifier and or loveys. They go cold turkey when she moves up to the next class in August so they are trying to transition her now. Makes me kinda sad to be completely honest with you.  I love the loveys - they've seen us through some tough times!
In keeping with the season, we attended an Easter egg hunt at Southland last Saturday and she had soooo much fun. I didn't know if she'd enjoy it that much because I had heard the eggs they put out for the kids don't have candy in them. What?!?!? What kind of Easter egg hunt happens without candy I thought to myself. I really didn't know what she'd think but we talked about it the whole way there and I told her it would be fun to fill up her basket even though there wouldn't be candy. Fun she definitely had and she got a lot of eggs too. Apparently the non-candy thing has to do with peanut allergies.I don't know why they couldn't use fruity stuff or good ole' safety suckers, but oh well. They didn't ask me to be on the Easter Egg committee - OBVIOUSLY!  I just put some treats in the car and gave them to her after the egg hunt concluded. I got some cute pictures of the festivities:
I am not trying to brag but I am pretty sure my kid had more eggs than the other kids in her age division. Ha - totally kidding. Check out that load though. As soon as she was done she was all "mommy, you carry my basket - it's heavy (with added grunts for emphasis of course)".

Very proud of her finds:
She was having absolutely NO PART of the real Easter Bunny but pacified her scrapbooking Mommy by posing next to this card board cut out. You take what you can get, right? It's sweet - don't you think? Me too!
I love Mommy Commaraderie because this sweet little mommy was walking by me as I was desperately trying to get her to pose with the cardboard Easter Bunny imposter and said "you want me to take a picture of the two of y'all?" Um....of course I do! I thought - if she only knew! It's pretty cute, though I feel certain one day Kenney is going to say "Mommy, why are you always in running clothes?"
This past Friday Laura and I took the kids to see Disney Princesses on Ice. I didn't know if Kennedy would like it and she didn't - she LOVED it! How sweet are these little faces? Between you and me I am 99.9% certain she has a major crush on John Tyler aka John Tywah.
I found these matching t's for the kids @ Gap kids the day before for $9.
They kept saying "we're twins!".
Me and my girlie:
The whole gang. We had a great time! It's fun getting to do things like this with her now that she's getting older. She was totally mesmerized and kept talking about it the rest of the weekend. Oddly enough the other thing she kept talking about is how Mrs. Wowa (Laura) bought her popcorn. Ha ha. Wonder what motivates this wee one.


  1. Uhm...I definitely felt a tug on my heart when I saw her sleeping with no loveys!!!!!! Wow...I mean, that's a huge transition for me...I need a step down process for this, not all at once.

    SWEET PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cute pictures! Those easter basket treats turned out soo good! Super-mom!! I'm pretty sure I'd make some of those slice and bake cookies and call it a day! :)

  3. Yes, I am a bit behind in the blog world as of this to summarize: I LOVE the Easter treats, the Easter egg hunt, the matching shirts....ALL OF IT! So sweet. I know I say this a lot, but I can't believe how grown up K paci? no loveys??? WOW.