Monday, September 10, 2012

One Month

Greyson officially turned a month old yesterday. In ways it TOTALLY feels like a month and in others I feel like I just got home from the hospital. He is an overall pretty content baby but we have had some super fussy days lately that I'm chalking up to a growth spurt. The boy loves him some snuggles - he doesn't like being put down so much. The only problem with that is that there's two other kids that want their Momma too (insert the fussiness here because Momma can't hold/tend to three kiddos simoltaneously...though I try). Well, this weekend was glorious because Daddy was home and could snuggle brother (no fussiness) and I was able to spend some time doing some things with the girls and for myself as well (can you hear the angels singing?!)

Saturday night was the best night of sleep we've gotten yet and when I woke yesterday morning I felt like I could conquer the world! I did not conquer the world, however, I did get to church with all my kiddos fed and dressed and I was mighty proud of myself. It was good for the girls to be back at church playing with friends and learning and Daddy and I hear a great sermon as well. On top of the fed and dressed part, we were on time y'all! Wow! I felt seriously I need a gold star and a cookie kind of accomplished. Now, I started prepping for said endeavor at like 7 pm the night prior and that endeavor included both Tim and I showering so that was out of the way prior to Sunday AM but hey, you do what you gotta do, right? So...we actually had time to spare to take a few pics of the kiddos all dressed and ready before we left yesterday:

My handsome little one month old! 
He did pretty good for his first trip to church. He got a little fussy but once fed, he was good to go and we made it through with no crying: hip, hip, hooray!

Pretty much what I'm learning with three is that prior preparation is going to be essential to all things running semi-smoothly. I lay clothes out the night before (for all the kids + me), I get my morning pumping equipment ready the night before, I think through our following day and put necessary items in the car if need be and Tim and I both shower at night. I always kind of made fun of Tim for showering at night because I like to be "fresh" and showered each day, but right now that would mean waking up prior to 6 AM and that just ain't happenin' people. So...for now that's how we're surviving. I'll figure out exercise time and Mommy time later. Baby steps!


  1. You're doing great. Remember, you're making this look easy. :)

  2. Beautiful babies and I am proud of you!!! And impressed that Grey doesnt fuss in church! I haven't gotten to hear a full sermon yet because someone gets hungry!!!