Thursday, September 27, 2012

My kiddos

My little man is almost 7 weeks old. As per the pediatricians recent recommendations, I've been trying to give him more tummy time now that he's crying a bit less and will actually sit content on his own. Here are some pictures of him checking himself out in the mirror. =)

The weather here has been amazing so we are finally getting to spend some more time outside. Now...if the mosquitoes would just GO AWAY it would be perfection outside! In the mornings the temperatures have been cooler and I had to dig out the few fallish type items my girls have with us at Aunt Melissa's. Truthfully, I thought they looked so cute I took the opportunity to take some pictures. They are both looking like such big girls now that there's a baby around.

yummy little jean baby butt ;)

Like I said, we are getting more awake contented times with Greyson and I LOVE it! Now...if he could just start smiling at me - I'm so excited for that. Anyhow - here are some pictures I snapped the other night while he was bright eyed and alert. Sweet boy...


  1. oooh he is so cute!!! I want to snuggle him. Great pics of the girls and those last few of Grey!

  2. sweet, cute boy! Oh my! that little face is awesome!

  3. So sweet, all 3 of them!! And... yummy little jean baby butt...haha!! love it!